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Densification process of powder metallurgy titanium alloys

Density is the key to improving the quality of powder metallurgy materials. After press forming of sintering methods can improve the density level, but for powder metallurgy materials to improve performance is limited. For powder metallurgy is concerned, some of the materials, such as aircraft parts (structural) materials for safety, must be made of titanium complete densification can only obtain excellent mechanical properties of titanium. Therefore, the densification of titanium powder metallurgy products are topics that must be investigated.

Densification of powder metallurgical material, for low melting point metals such as aluminum or copper, easy to implement. But for high melting point, high active metals such as titanium, densification is a difficult and technical content of high technology. Typically, densification of powder metallurgy break products are taken at the same time increasing the temperature and pressure, which also used to eliminate one of the purpose of the pore.

Densification of powder metallurgy titanium alloys, usually based on a titanium alloy powder difference divided into mixed element method and alloy two-class.

Mixed element method (BE method): the material titanium and titanium alloy powder or other elements that you need to add flour mix for molded or formed by cold isostatic, fired in a vacuum.

Pre-alloyed method (PA method): pre-alloyed powder of ceramic or metal wrap packaging hot isostatic pressing.

Mixed element method (BE law) parts of production to low cost, low density. Therefore, high density, high performance aviation products commonly used alloys (PA) method. As the powder selection, compaction and compaction of the rapid development of technology, mixed element method to obtain high density products. Mixed element method and neck alloy product is able to obtain more than cast iron.