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TC4 applications of titanium in oil refining industry

In most inorganic salts, TC4 titanium rods fully inert state, has an excellent corrosion resistance. Such as in the production of electrolytic Mn02, neutral MnSO4 electrolyte solution, requires electrode corrosion resistance to sulfate, made of lead alloy or graphite cable, the result is bad. Use titanium anode against corrosion, approximately flat becomes a permanent device.

TC4 titanium bars almost all the organic acids and organic Media Centre has excellent corrosion resistance (acid, oxalic acid). In addition to methanol, a TI on corrosion resistance of organic alcohols, aldehydes, ketones.

For example, the petroleum chemical industry, acetaldehyde acetic acid. Due to acetic acid, acetaldehyde, chloride and catalysts on the corrosion of stainless steel equipment, and a switch to titanium to solve corrosion problems in the production of acetic acid. As another example, with propylene to acetone, you can also use titanium equipment, Japan built an annual output of 30,000 tons of acetone factory, nearly 40 tons of titanium.

Finally, the TC4 titanium rods for wet H2S gas and wet SO4, ammonia and industrial atmospheric corrosion (small in medium containing hydrogen and pure oxygen used titanium to be particularly careful).

For example, in the oil refining industry, equipment corrosion by H2S, NH8, sulfides, chlorides, use titanium equipment corrosion problems can be solved. Titanium in oil refining, is mainly used in distillation towers, condensers, air coolers and other equipment. In the production of ammonia and urea, and corrosion resistance of titanium is an ideal material. In addition, may encounter in the coking industry of atmospheric corrosion, also there are many instances of this.