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Titanium alloy bar hot isostatic pressing equipment

Titanium alloy bar isostatic press-cold isostatic pressing and hot isostatic presses in two ways. Cold isostatic presses can be divided into two types of dry and wet. This technology is often used oil of isostatic pressing machine is wet.

Oil pressure machine is mainly made up of pressure vessel and high pressure pumps. High pressure cylinder body of the container are two ends of a sealed vertical English at the bottom by high pressure tubing connected to the high pressure oil pump high pressure oil pipeline. Choose dielectric oils should be nontoxic, noncorrosive, and application of, such as Glycerin, castor oil, processed spindle oil, machine oil, transformer oil, kerosene and kerosene mixture.

Titanium alloy bar oil isostatic press structure similar to the structure of hot isostatic pressing machine, but no heating system in high pressure vessels. Currently on the market has been setting sales.

Cold isostatic pressing capacity rating of 500MPa.

Preparation of titanium alloy bar mold: mold when pressing under tension and compression, you must have some strength, elasticity and hardness and wear resistance. Cold isostatic pressing molds can be made from natural or synthetic rubber production. However, the rubber production mould process lengthy, especially the production of complex shape mold difficulties and high costs. So commonly used plastics. Thermoplastic mould material of soft resin is often used. Its characteristic formula: PVC, 100-n-Xin Lao (or n-Ding Lao) l00 3-5, tribasic lead sulfate, stearic acid, 0.3, and other disposable material such as polyethylene, polystyrene, reusable materials such as polyurethane. Mold dipping, spraying, casting, moulding or injection moulding method produce. This mold also known as coating or film sets.

Practice shows that the design of sheath and mold is to ensure quality and prolong die life key, it also saves raw materials and reduces costs. Titanium alloy bar mold complexity and compact shape, it can be a simple plastic bag, can also be made up of several components that make up the composite moulds.