Titanium is widly apply to many fields because of it’s many excellent performances,such as lightweight,hard and anti-corrosion.

The titanium watche was deeply loved by the masses of users because of it's characteristic of "light as swallow"" indestructible"and "never rot" etc. Also because of this,it makes titanium became a sought-after material of making watches.

As we all know, titanium metal has high melting point, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. So titanium processing is very difficult  (the titanium referred to in this article  is not pure titanium, but refers to the titanium alloy).aboved titanium watche,such a small part,if made by cutting and polishing,let alone will waste much material,alone the manufacture difficulty is already very big.So such small parts are generally used titanium alloy casting technology.

In simple terms,it is that titanium alloy melted at high temperature, and then pouring into the mould.This not only can greatly reduce the wastage of the material, but also prove the precision accuracy of production.