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Titanium and titanium alloy casting molding material shall meet the requirements

When you select a location in the gating system of casting, first consideration is conducive to the full, particularly in complex thin-walled (no more than 2. 5mm) castings. Followed as far as possible to creating Directional solidification of casting conditions on usually, thick-walled parts, easy to install risers. To prevent deformation of casting III, such as the casting cannot be placed in the larger plane and centrifugal force on the vertical direction. Finally, casting large plane parts and the main work surface must be vertical or tilted, in order to reduce distortion, defects such as pores and inclusions. Finally, for ramming graphite mold castings with cores, core positioning core header should be placed in the sand box as much as possible, try to avoid hanging cores or other cores accurately locate the placement of the. VI, for investment casting of rice, with holes (through-hole or blind-hole) or grooved parts should be placed in the paint, sanding, and check the location. And to facilitate the smooth removal of wax.

Titanium and titanium alloy casting molding material consists of two parts: the main materials and auxiliary materials. Main material, such as refractory material and a few knots. Required to support materials including modeling of additives (such as wetting agent, defoaming agent, etc) and die for the casting material, classification and cleaning agent.

Titanium and titanium alloy casting molding materials shall meet the following requirements:

(1) should have a high chemical and thermal stability. Contact with the molten titanium does not react, followed by chemical reactions between refractory and drums knot does not occur.

(2) shall have a high degree of fire resistance and thermal shock resistance. Liquid titanium casting, casting of titanium in molten high temperature, high pressure (especially of centrifugal cast) under soft collapsed and burst not occurred.

(3) high strength. In the modelling, transport and charging process, mold deformation and breakup.

(4) low linear expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity. Mold size changes see stabilization in the roasting process, to ensure a high degree of precision.

(5) in order to have a good performance. Reasonable accuracy of particle size and distribution, and particle morphology, with low moisture and gas.

(6) the nonpoisonous, no radiation.

(7) the abundant, convenient, inexpensive or moderate.