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Titanium casting process

Titanium casting process


Titanium casting formative technology mainly include metal type, machining graphite type, metal surface ceramic shell type and oxide ceramic shell type.

1. metal type

   Metal mold in the field of titanium casting, metal materials are mainly used as cast mold have copper, steel, cast iron, tungsten, molybdenum, etc, are collectively referred to as hard mould system with graphite machining type .Because there are some difficulties, such as the parting difficulty, this method is difficult to produce the complex shapes of titanium casting, but mostly only used on specific titanium casting.

2. machining graphite type

Machined graphite type has high strength, concession is bad,  produce  chilling to the liquid titanium, often makes the casting surface crack and cold insulation, high production cost, long production cycle.Graphite pore is bigger, easy to moisture absorption, so the machining graphite type must be carried out oil removal before use , degassing treatment, otherwise the titanium casting surface oxidation phenomenon is serious. titanium casting size is larger, the walls are thick (5 mm or higher), simple shape, only one or a few Numbers required.Select machining graphite type.

3. ceramic shell type

(1) metal surface ceramic shell type made of refractory metal tungsten powder as refractory materials, metal tungsten has high melting point, good chemical stability when in contact with titanium liquid but should tungsten powder has high purity, impurity content can not exceed the prescribed standards, otherwise will affect the quality of titanium casting.Tungsten surface melting model shell must adopt solvent dewaxing, and in special dewaxing trough, have a lot of damage to human body health, but also pollute the environment.Tungsten coat shell high temperature roasting must be in original sexual atmosphere, also  the mold material ash after lost wax deposition on the shell  is difficult to cremate, and easily  reaction with liquid titanium when they are in the pouring , form porosity in the castings appearance.Coating slurry process performance is not good, poor suspension and coating short life, it is difficult to store, expensive.

(2) oxide ceramic shell type is the use inert oxide as shell surface refractory .All kinds of oxide materials according to the chemical stability of molten titanium alloy from low to high alignment sequence is as follows: SiO2, MgO, Al2O3, CaO, ZrO2, Y2O3, ThO2.ThO2 due to radioactive has basically don't use.CaO easy absorption of moisture, so hindered the application of it.Now, the material used as a titanium casting molding shell surface and adjacent surface are mainly Y2O3, ZrO2.

The development cast titanium industry is faster in our country, new added some titanium casting plant in recent years.At present, the national institute of titanium casting and manufacturer has been nearly 20, new titanium foundry (titanium casting factory) also will product positioning on the precision titanium casting, shenzhen advanced titanium technology co., ltd. often do technical exchanges and cooperation with Harbin industrial university, xi 'an jiaotong university, northwestern polytechnical university, committed to the titanium, nickel, zirconium and its alloy precision casting production, form production mode that priority to with titanium casting, machining graphite type auxiliary .