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titanium forging

Titanium and titanium alloy forging------machine parts, orkpiece, tools

For titanium metal blank(sheet excluding),throw a certain external pressure, change its size, shape, etc. a forming method which suitable for manufacturing machinery parts, workpiece, tools or blank.

Titanium and titanium alloy forging, involved in the equipment manufacturing industry: machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace,big power generation equipment, chemical containers, military industry, light industry and other fields.Especially it is the indispensable main processing in machinery, auto manufacturing.

There are a variety of titanium and titanium alloy forging products, such as axial parts,cake parts, through the die forging can also manufacture the complex parts.Forging products such as bicycle crankshaft gear, automobile crankshaft etc.

Simple shape, regular product, is especially suitable to achieve with forging, not only can save material, but also reduce the cost of labour, make forging  is widely used in the production of many titanium and titanium alloy products.

Matters should pay attention to in the titanium and titanium alloy forging:

1, in order to obtain high accuracy should pay attention to prevent  bottom dead center overload  control the speed and mould location.Because these will influence the tolerance, the shape precision of forgings and forging die life.

2, in order to maintain accuracy, should also pay attention to adjust the slider guide clearance, ensure rigidity, adjust the bottom dead center and utilization transmission device.

3, in addition, according to the slider movement way,there are two mode,slide block vertical and horizontal movement (used in slightness forging parts, lubrication, cooling and high-speed production forging) ,utilize compensating device can be used to increase the other direction of movement.

Note: the above different way, the forging force, process, material utilization ratio, yield, size tolerance and lubrication cooling way is different, these factors are also the factors affecting of the level of automation.