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Titanium implants have been clinical application

Titanium implants have been clinical application

Prosthesis, also called "Artificial limbs ", is for the use of replacing to part function of the defects of body for amputees, there are upper limbs artificial limb and lower limb prosthesis.

In late march and early April this year, the fourth military medical university hospital of xijing has implanted successfully into three bone tumor patients body respectively with three titanium implants made by 3 d printing, to repair the bone defect.At present, the appearance and function of the three patients has got good recovery.It is accroding to that the 3 d printing titanium implants and clavicle is the world's first, the clinical application of titanium implants in the pelvis is the Asia's first.

Prosthesis, almost can be part of the body, so the stand or fall of prosthesis will directly affect the user's daily life.So the titanium alloy with its many advantage haracteristics,is becoming an excellent material for making artificial limbs.Especially the application of 3 d printing technology, let the prosthetic present perfectly  and won't appear like forging and casting products need polishing processing.