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Titanium motorcycle parts

Recently many motorcycles are being designed using titanium and its alloys. Motorcycles made of titanium are used increasingly in bike racing due to their ability to resist corrosion and their good strength-to-weight ratio.titanium racing motorcycle is much more lightweight.

Although the increase in performance achieved using titanium may be more prominent in the racing industry, many components of commercially used bikes are also made of titanium.such as titanium footpegs,titanium fasteners. Components made of titanium have extended service life and are less heavy, which in turn improves the performance of bikes in the mass market.

Common Titanium Motorcycle Parts


Titanium Footpegs

Titanium footpegs as a part of racing motorcycle,it was used mostly.becaus titanium footpegs are much more lightweight and high strength.and it also has a good performance of shockproof.

Titanium Disc Rotor Bolts

Disc rotor bolts made of titanium are ideal replacements for original bolts that are easily corroded. Bolts made of titanium are also less heavy compared to bolts made of conventional metals. It is mandatory to use titanium disc rotor bolts in racing bikes since they bring down the un-sprung weight.

Titanium Bleed Nipple

Bleed nipples made of titanium are suitable alternatives when the brake system is bleeding or for the overhauling of calipers.

Titanium Chain Adjuster Bolts

Chain adjuster bolts are mostly located in areas that are subject to severe corrosion. By using titanium their service life can be extended significantly.

Titanium Caliper Pad Retaining Pins

Caliper pad retaining pins made of titanium are suitable alternatives for stock parts due to their resistance to corrosion and lightweight nature.

Titanium Rear Hub Pinch Bolt

Since the rear hub pinch bolts are located at prominent places of the bike, they are subject to high wear and tear. Therefore, replacing these bolts with titanium is beneficial.

Titanium Valves

In racing engines, the titanium valves are generally single piece, high-temperature components that have an additional coating of chromium nitride to increase protection at very high temperatures.

Titanium Fasteners

Various nuts, bolts, clevis and threaded tube adapters that are used in axles, chassis and engines are made of titanium.

Titanium Axles

Axles made of titanium are essentially a solid titanium bar that is step drilled and honed to reduce the weight even further.

Titanium Exhaust Systems

It is ideal to use titanium in exhaust pipes and mufflers. However, these are subject to certain conditions before being used. It is safe to use titanium parts for temperatures less than 600 °C. However, the oxidation resistance and strength of titanium parts is affected at temperatures above 700 °C. In order to handle these situations special titanium alloys are used.

A number of companies are providing complete replacement kits for replacing all the fasteners and bolts which helps to save three to four pounds. These cost savings may seem insignificant in the consumer bike industry, but they have a significant impact in the racing industry.

Titanium Frames

Currently, very few motorbike frames are made of titanium, since it is challenging to work with titanium for creating a frame. This does not mean that there are no titanium frames being used in motorbikes. For instance, the “Monster of the Road” built by Randy Martin is a Ducati bike consisting of a titanium frame. Although the tubing in this bike was of a larger diameter than the original frame, there was a 50% reduction in the weight.

The main reason for titanium frames not being used commonly is the challenge in forming titanium is far more than the cost benefits derived out of its use. It is expected that by using the latest techniques such as 3D printing to produce titanium components their usability may increase in the future.

Value Addition of Using Titanium in Motorcycle Parts

Although the initial costs of titanium parts exceed that of most stock parts, titanium parts provide long term benefits. The high initial costs of using titanium can easily be earned back by the savings derived out of lesser replacements due to natural corrosion.

The long-term performance and extended service life needs to be considered while investing in titanium parts for motorcycles. By replacing most of the titanium motorcycle components , a substantial reduction in weight and an increase in performance can be achieved; enabling a significant return on investment.