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Titanium slag roaster is calculated on the basis

Chlorination of titanium slag in boiling chloride furnace (fluidized bed). Response by the heat, temperature is between 850-950. Low-Valent titanium oxides in slag and FeO contents of higher calorific value greater, higher temperature. Small recycled magnesium electrolysis dilute chlorine gas C12 lower O2 content is higher, more heat, boiling temperature will be higher. To keep fairly fast reaction, not overheating when using volatile small high quality Coke, Ti2O3 titanium slag content (concentration) in 30%-35%. Chlorinated residue emissions on a regular basis (1-2/).

Assumptions into the chlorinated residue burning volume is the reaction of consumption 30%, all of the excess carbon in the slag. Other excess calcined Coke 5%, outside the gas was released.

Assuming FeO 20% build FeCl2,80% build when chloride FeCl3. Ti02,Ti203 has not been chlorinated, Si02, Al2O3 and other oxide components and excess carbon and chloride MgCl2 and CaCl2 were involved in the blast furnace slag generated. FeCl3, AlCl3, all with gas (steam-gas mixture) chloride furnace into the dust collector. MnCl240% enter the slag, 60% into the gas. FeCl210% left in the slag in 90% into the gas.

Boiling chlorinated with a reducing agent used in the table column, 2nd injury carbon burnt or 3rd Sam. CO/CO2=2/1 in furnace gas (molar ratio, namely volume ratio and compression ratio).