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Why titanium price is high, how to distinguish between titanium rods in titanium alloy plates is true or false

Dreaming metal of titanium alloy material can be said to be an engineer! Because it is not only lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistance, is a very versatile metal, from exercise equipment, eyewear, watches, artificial bone, heart valves to the airframe, diving, you can see its application. The only drawback is-"Titanium" expensive.

Titanium is expensive but its there, because traditional methods to extract titanium from titanium dioxide ore, is time consuming, and the hazards of environmental pollution, resulting in high prices of titanium metal for various reasons. But, according to reports of the September 21 issue of Nature magazine, a materials chemist at Cambridge University George Zheng Chen and Derek Fray, developed a new technology of electroplating chemicals: Titanium electric devices in the crucible of a graphite electrode, load solution of calcium chloride and titanium dioxide particles into the Crucible, and then applying a current. When oxygen from the titanium dioxide with electronic, from the bondage of titanium and graphite electrodes to form carbon dioxide and; also produces in the Crucible does not contain impurities of titanium. This new method not only can greatly reduce environmental pollution problems, the continuity of the production process is more promising than the old method of partial, can reduce two to four times the price of titanium. As a result, replace stainless steel titanium will be able to more applications. Titanium material is both light and stiff, high temperature resistant, used in cosmic space science marine science and cutting-edge technologies necessary materials such as nuclear power. In fact, pure titanium for most people is a strange metal, but for global scientific space research masters pure titanium is the best weapons for human exploration of the universe. Aeronautical Sciences, marine sciences and cutting-edge technologies necessary materials such as nuclear power generation has become leader in optical glasses frame, by virtue of pure titanium, primarily its super lightweight characteristics, as well as the absolute resistance to corrosion.

Resolution is not the basic method of titanium:

1, because of different metals have different conductivity, conductive index can be measured as pure titanium.

2, our magnets can be placed on the table, then frame leans, if magnetic response is not pure titanium frames.

3, also check the hinges, titanium glasses hinge placed two plastic or metal liner

4, polished titanium spark bright white