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Precision Casting Development Prospects
Jun 09, 2017

Precision Casting development prospects
Investment Casting is a fusible material made of fusible material, on which a number of layers of special refractory coating, after drying and hardening to form an integral shell, and then steam or hot water from the shell Melt the model, and then put the shell in the sand box, filled with dry sand in its surrounding shape, and finally the mold into the roasting furnace after high temperature roasting, Casting or shell by roasting, pour molten metal in which Get cast.
The precision molds are very sophisticated, complex, close to the final shape of the part, which can be used without processing or very little processing. It is an advanced process of near net forming. It is an excellent process technology in the Casting industry. Application is very extensive. It is not only applicable to all types of Castings of various alloys, but also to produce the Casting size accuracy, surface quality than other Casting methods to be high, and even other Casting methods difficult to cast the complex, high temperature, easy to process Castings, Can be cast by precision Casting Casting.
At present, the future development trend of the process is that the Casting products are getting closer to the parts and components products. The traditional precision Castings are only used as blanks and are not suitable. Market quick response. The complexity of parts and components and the quality of the increasingly high grade, research and development means more and more strong, professional collaboration began to show, CAD, CAM, CAE application of parts and components to become the main technology.
From the current development analysis, investment Casting technology is very wide range of applications, the future development prospects to be broad.
Low-pressure Castings are widely used in metal processing technology, in China's modern industry plays a huge role, with the low-pressure Casting in China's extensive use, it brought the drawbacks also exposed.
First, the oxidation of slag
The reason for the occurrence of oxidized slag is generally because the charge is not clean, or in the course of the use of the charge too much use, there is a reason can also lead to low-pressure Casting process oxidation slag, that is, Casting system Poor design, improperly set in filling.
Second, the stomata, shrinkage
Stomatal problems in the process of low-pressure Casting the most common, it is generally due to poor mold exhaust caused by the mold coating system, poor spray, cooling ring set improperly, can also lead to the formation of pores, shrinkage.
Third, crack
Low-pressure Casting process, the cracks are very common, the mold design is unreasonable, sharp corners, thick wall thickness difference will lead to the occurrence of cracks, in order to eradicate the crack phenomenon, improve the mold structure design is inevitable The choice, only the mold design is reasonable, the solution to the problem can help.
Low-pressure Casting technology in China's processing technology is very common, with the development of technology, which drawbacks are increasingly apparent, we only analyze the root causes of the problem in order to better solve the problem.