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Analysis Of The Current Titanium Pump Parts Market
Sep 14, 2017

Analysis of the current Titanium Pump Parts market
At present, China's Titanium Pump Parts industrial production scale, Titanium Pump Parts production varieties, are already in the forefront of the world. A solid industrial base offers a large number of Titanium Pump Parts for many industries.
In recent years, China's Titanium Pump Parts industry has entered the plant and more, large output, a full range of the world's largest number of Titanium Pump Parts ranks, while China's exports of Titanium Pump Parts grew faster, only January to March this year, China's steel, Cast iron production reached 2,469,140 tons, 1,040,613 tons, an increase of 13.32%, 12.54%. The export product also evolved from simple parts to demanding Titanium Pump Parts with a complex shape. But compared with the United States, Japan, Germany, France and other foundry power, there is a considerable gap.
Mainly in China's Titanium Pump Parts to "old" "big" "black" "thick" and famous, the main reason is that China's Titanium Pump Parts industry, the phenomenon of high scrap rate. China's ordinary cast iron scrap rate of about 10%, complex parts, high-grade parts in the 10% to 15%, aluminum alloy pressure Titanium Pump Parts in about 8% to 10%. At the same time the defects are mainly concentrated in the Titanium Pump Parts surface or internal stomata, trachoma and so on. Of which about 80% of the defects can be saved through the repair. Resulting in a lot of defects in the process, material selection, casting mold design and production, casting molding process, if not scientific and rigorous design and implementation, will lead to the emergence and improvement of the rejection rate.
With the development of the world economy, China has become a casting power, casting production must take high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, clean and sustainable development path. The fundamental way is: Titanium Pump Parts from the low value-added products to the high-end Titanium Pump Parts development. This requires that the technical level of the entire casting be improved, but the technical level of the Titanium Pump Parts is a systematic project that is subject to reality and is difficult to achieve in the short term. It is imperative to reduce the Titanium Pump Parts scrap rate, which Titanium Pump Parts repair benefits have been more and more enterprises to value, even the strong technical strength of foreign-funded enterprises and large state-owned enterprises have also used Titanium Pump Parts repair way to make up Existing foundry technology. Enterprises in the rescue of defects Titanium Pump Parts because of their situation often take a different approach.
  In recent years, at home and abroad is broad and showing the trend of development needs, resulting in China's current Titanium Pump Parts industry, especially stainless steel hardware Titanium Pump Parts much favored. Titanium Pump Parts industry has entered a period of rapid development, has become Asia's largest hardware Titanium Pump Parts processing center and the world's largest hardware Titanium Pump Parts one of the market.
Architectural Hardware Titanium Pump Parts its broad prospects for development, attractive market profits, has become a lot of business investment and strive to the meat and potatoes.
China's hardware Titanium Pump Parts industry is booming, the processing center only to develop science and technology, and strive to occupy high-end technology independent research and development technology and the right to the development of the Titanium Pump Parts industry to provide a solid market base, which is the development of Titanium Pump The key to the.
With the increasing development of modern industry, the manufacturing requirements for Titanium Pump Parts are increasing, and Titan Pump Parts has become an indispensable means of testing. Ultrasonic as a non-destructive testing method, simple, intuitive, high efficiency, effectively guarantee the product quality.
The advantages of ultrasonic testing are: high sensitivity, can detect small defects; penetrating power, can detect thicker parts; accuracy is good, can accurately determine the defect location and estimate the size of the defect size; response quickly, Simple but internally high quality Titanium Pump Parts for automated testing.
Titanium Pump Parts ultrasonic detection system is generally two, ultrasonic penetration of the tested Titanium Pump Parts, one is to measure the penetration of Titanium Pump Parts energy, one is to measure the Titanium Pump Parts defects reflected back to the energy. Ultrasonic parameters are: for the Titanium Pump Parts ultrasonic testing, the general longitudinal wave straight probe, supplemented by oblique probe, ultrasonic detection frequency commonly used in 0.5-10MHz. For Titanium Pump Parts, the general use of both sides are flat or one side of the plane for the other side of the slope or a simple surface for the detection surface. Coupling agent generally use viscosity, such as oil, butter, etc. to increase the detection of contact strength.