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Application Of Titanium Pump Parts In Valve Manufacturing
Aug 14, 2017

Application of Titanium Pump Parts in Valve Manufacturing
Foundry industry people know that the valve manufacturer is the main user of Titanium Pump Parts, its applications include the successful delivery of various acids, salts and alkaline liquids. Titanium Pump Parts are developed in the 1950s a high-strength cast iron material, its comprehensive performance close to the steel, it is based on its excellent performance, has been successfully used to cast some of the complex, strength, toughness, resistance Abrasive requirements of the higher parts. Titanium Pump Parts have rapidly developed into gray cast iron, the application of a wide range of cast iron materials. The so-called "iron on behalf of steel", mainly refers to Titanium Pump Parts.
An interesting example of the use of Titanium Pump Parts in valve applications is the production of ball valves from the British Parkfeld factory. Large ball valve plug for 1420 mm gas pipeline, originally made of forged steel, 2410 mm in diameter and 17 tons in weight. Basically the redesigned dome ball spool weighs only n tons. Additional benefits include reduced machining margins and processing time as well as improved overall accuracy. Full ferritic ductile iron (1501085 grades 370 to 27) applies to these ball valves.
The material for the transport and storage of the nuclear fuel rod (50% uranium 235), which is used by the ferrite Titanium Pump Parts, is actively contributed by the German KrefeldSiempelkamp foundry, which is obtained by spheroidizing and inoculation to obtain spherical graphite, Effectively improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, in particular, to improve the plasticity and toughness, resulting in higher than the strength of carbon steel.
In order to obtain the appreciation of the application of this Titanium Pump Parts, Ssempelkarnp requires a weight of about 85 tons of Caster containers to withstand the most stringent load test ever imposed on iron castings. The tests consisted of dropping 85 tonnes of castings at less than a 40 "C temperature, from 1,000 meters to 1000 tonnes of cement, and a large shell fired from the tank, almost at the speed of sound to the casting The
In all of these tests, the Titanium Pump Parts container has undergone all rigorous testing, and only the surface damage, of course, to ensure that the radiation seal is completely reliable. After simulating the failure state of the transporters and the crash of the plane, it was convinced that ductile iron was safe and that the design of the ductile iron Caster container could get the highest "Pradikat" safety level of a Berlin and Braun-Sch II ELG Authority B This is an excellent example of a potential market for the foundry industry.
Titanium Pump Parts affect the performance of the organization are: graphite shape and matrix structure. Titanium Pump Parts quality is generally assessed by the rate of spheroidization, the more rounded graphite, small, more uniform distribution of the metal matrix of the split and the resulting stress concentration is smaller, the better the ductile iron performance. Titanium Pump Parts in the ferrite content, pearlite content is small, the toughness is good, low strength; otherwise, the high strength, poor toughness.
Chemical composition control is not good, hinder the excessive elements of graphitization; breed, spheroidization process control is not good; hot metal cooling too fast; pouring time is too long will lead to poor graphite spheroidization; molten iron pouring control will cause the matrix pearl Body over standard; castings too fast cooling, chemical composition control is not good will cause titanium parts parts cement body exceeded.
Titanium Pump Parts of the graphite spheroidization or phosphorus eutectic exceeded, in the latter part can not be remedied, so the need for effective quality control in the production process. If the casting pearlite, cementite exceeded, but also through low temperature, high temperature annealing and other means of heat treatment to remedy. As the Titanium Pump Parts need to fermented hot metal, spheroidized treatment, so the process of quality control is very important.