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Application Of Titanium Valves In The Pipeline
Jun 13, 2016

Titanium valve is one of the pipeline, which is used to change the channel section and flow direction, controlling movement of a fluid control device. whether industrial, agricultural, defense, or everyday life are inseparable from such a fluid control device.

Usually people buy according to the different needs of different types and specifications of titanium valves, especially the titanium valves are widely used in the petrochemical industry, because the industry is more strong corrosive medium, material erosion of the valve could have such strong corrosive medium, so they need to be resistant to corrosion and oxidation of titanium valves.

Manufacture of titanium titanium valves with a silver-white transition metal surface, light weight, high strength, with strong sense of metallic luster, excellent corrosion resistance, especially in sea water, aqua regia and chlorine in the media. Its chemical stability, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, resistance to acid, alkali, and favors high strength and low density is the people.

Titanium valves and there are many types and models can be classified as a normal valve, titanium ball valves, titanium valves, titanium valves, titanium valves, titanium valves and other types of valves, and all have the same chemical properties, can effectively corrosion and oxidation resistance, some special industries, essential titanium valves for special working conditions environment.

In practice, we often see many titanium valves are connected in parallel on the same pipe. For example, water supply equipment, pipe of the boiler, oil tank piping, the objective is very simple to do is prevent the media in the pipe back control medium, usually titanium pump outlet check valve or titanium ball valves achieve the backflow effect.

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