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Casting And Finishing Of Molten Castings
Sep 14, 2017

Casting and finishing of molten Castings
Casting of molten mold casting is often used in casting:
1. There are several types of hot gravitational Casting methods.
This is the most widely used method of pouring, that is, the shell is removed from the roaster and then subjected to pouring at high temperatures. At this point the metal in the shell cooling slower, can be filled in the case of high liquidity, so the Casting can imitate the shape of the cavity, improve the accuracy of the Casting. However, the slow cooling of the cast in the heat type causes the grain to be coarse, which reduces the mechanical function of the Casting. In the Casting of carbon steel Castings, the slower cooling of the Casting surface is also easy to oxidation and decarburization, and then reduce the Casting surface hardness, finish and scale accuracy.
2. Vacuum suction pouring the shell will be placed in the vacuum Casting box, through the shell of the small pores in the cavity sucked away the gas, so that the liquid metal can be very good filling cavity, imitation cavity shape, progressive Casting Precision, to avoid stomatal, pouring shortcomings. The law has been applied abroad.
3. Under the pressure of the crystal shell will be placed in the pressure tank for Casting, after that, immediately close the pressure tank, to the tank through the high pressure air or inert gas, so that the Casting under pressure to condense to increase the density of the Casting. The maximum pressure in foreign countries has reached 150atm.
4. Directional crystallization (directional condensation) Some of the investment Casting, such as turbine blades, magnets, etc., if their crystal arrangement is arranged in a certain direction columnar crystal, their work function can be improved a lot, so the investment Casting crystallization technology Is being carried out quickly.
5. The assembly of the investment Casting The contents of the Casting are mainly:
(1) remove the shell from the Casting;
(2) from the pouring system to remove the Castings;
(3) to remove the Castings on the adhesion of the shell refractories;
(4) Castings after heat treatment finishing, such as in addition to oxide, do the edge and cut the gate and so on.
Is the design of the Casting process.When the design, in addition to the working conditions and metal materials to determine the performance of the geometric shape of the Casting size, but also from the Casting alloy and Casting process characteristics to consider the design of the rationality, that is obvious Size effects and coagulation, shrinkage, stress, and so on
It is necessary to have a reasonable Casting process, that is, according to the structure of Castings, weight and size, Casting alloy characteristics and production conditions, select the appropriate parting surface and shape.Testing method, reasonable set of cast iron. Cold iron. Riser and pouring system Etc. To ensure the quality of Castings. Casting production, to the quality of the Casting control and testing.First of all to develop from the raw materials. Auxiliary materials to each specific product control and inspection of the code and technical conditions. Are strictly in accordance with the code of practice and technical conditions for control and inspection.Finally on the finished product for quality inspection.To be equipped with a reasonable detection method and the appropriate testing staff.Generally the appearance of the Casting quality, the use of comparative pieces to determine the Casting surface roughness
Is the quality of raw materials for nodular cast iron. Metal charge. Refractory materials. Flux. Flux. Modifier and foundry sand. Sand binder. Paint and other materials of substandard quality, will make Castings pores. Pinhole. Sticky sand and other defects, affecting the appearance of the Casting quality and internal quality, serious Castings will be scrapped.Fourth is the process operation, to develop a reasonable process of operation procedures to improve the technical level of workers, so that the correct implementation of the rules.