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Common Faults Of Titanium Flange
Jun 19, 2017

Common faults of Titanium Flange
In the continuous production of modern industry titanium alloy flange by the media corrosion, erosion, temperature, pressure, vibration and other factors, will inevitably leak problems. Due to the size of the sealing surface processing error, the aging of the sealing components and improper installation and other reasons can easily lead to titanium alloy flange leakage. If you can not control the titanium alloy flange leakage problem, the erosion of the media will make the rapid expansion of leakage, resulting in material loss, the destruction of the production environment, resulting in business downtime, resulting in huge economic losses. If it is toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive media leakage, there may be caused by poisoning, fire and other major accidents.
The traditional method to solve the leakage of titanium alloy flange to replace the sealing element and apply sealant or replace the titanium alloy flange and pipe, but the method has great limitations, and some leakage by the working environment safety requirements, Can not be resolved on-site. Can now use polymer composite materials for on-site plugging, which is more mature application of the blessing of the blue system. It is a very good way, especially in the flammable and explosive circumstances, but also shows its unique superiority. High-molecular composite technology construction technology is simple, safe, and low cost, for enterprises to solve most of the titanium alloy flange leakage problem, eliminate security risks for enterprises to save more maintenance costs.
There are two systems on the international standard titanium alloy flange standard, namely the German DIN (including the former Soviet Union) as the representative of the European tube titanium alloy flange system and the United States ANSI tube titanium alloy flange as the representative of the Americas tube titanium alloy Blue system. In addition, there are Japanese JIS tube titanium alloy flange, but in the petrochemical plant is generally used only for public works, but also in the international impact of smaller. Now the countries of titanium alloy flange introduced in the next:
1, the German and the former Soviet Union as the representative of the European system tube titanium alloy flange 2, the Americas system titanium alloy flange standard, ANSI B16.5 and ANSI B 16.47 as the representative of the British and French titanium alloy flange standard , The two countries have two sets of titanium alloy flange standard.
In summary, the international standard titanium alloy flange standard can be summarized as two different, and can not be interchangeable tube titanium alloy flange system: a German as the representative of the European tube titanium alloy flange system; another One is the United States as the representative of the Americas tube titanium alloy flange system.
IOS7005-1 is a standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization in 1992, the standard is actually the United States and Germany two sets of tube titanium alloy flange combined tube titanium alloy flange standard.