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Common Quality Inspection Of Titanium Pump Parts
Jun 27, 2017

Common quality inspection of Titanium Pump Parts
Titanium Pump Parts in the casting production is often due to the quality of raw materials unqualified, unreasonable process, production management is not perfect or improper operation and other reasons, so that casting inevitably produce some metallurgical defects and casting defects. These defects affect the appearance quality, intrinsic quality and casting performance of the castings.
    With the increase of casting wall thickness, the shape of the complex and the degree of alloying in the steel to improve the impact of these defects on the casting process and mechanical properties of the impact becomes obvious, and even seriously affect the overall quality of Titanium Pump Parts, Resulting in failure or scrap of castings.
    With the help of laboratory chemical analysis technology, mechanical and physical properties of materials testing, metallographic macroscopic and microstructure and electronic optics metallographic test and analysis, as well as the casting process performance test and casting finished product nondestructive testing can be effectively tested The macroscopic and microstructure defects of the cast steel during the process of metallurgical solidification and subsequent processes (such as cutting, welding and heat treatment) show the morphological characteristics, distribution and location, quantity, size and orientation The
    According to its chemical composition characteristics and mechanical properties and process performance can determine the attributes of defects, the reasons for the formation and the impact of the quality of the casting. In this way, the solidification regularity and characteristics of the casting can be studied in depth so as to improve the severity of the defects by improving the smelting, casting or casting, cleaning, heat treatment and other technical techniques or quality management measures to ensure the severity of the defects Quality, improve the Titanium Pump Parts under the complex stress state, such as in high temperature, vibration, wear, corrosion and other operating conditions under different conditions.
1. Common problems of heat treatment of common Titanium Pump Parts
Casting steel castings depends on the composition of the chemical composition and solidification crystallization process, there are generally more serious dendritic segregation, tissue uneven and coarse grain and Wei's (or reticular) and other issues, need to be eliminated by heat treatment Or reduce its harmful effects, improve the mechanical properties of Titanium Pump Parts. In addition, due to the difference between the structure and wall thickness of the Titanium Pump Parts, the various parts of the same casting have different organizational conditions and produce considerable residual internal stress. Therefore, the Titanium Pump Parts (especially alloy steel castings) are generally heat treated Supply.
2. Features of common Titanium Pump Parts heat treatment
1) Titanium Pump Parts of the as-cast organization, often coarse dendrites and segregation. Heat treatment, the heating temperature should be slightly higher than the same type of forged steel parts, austenitic insulation time also need to be extended.
2) Some alloy steel castings segregation serious segregation, in order to eliminate its impact on the final performance of castings, need to take uniform treatment measures.
3) For the complex shape, wall thickness difference between the Titanium Pump Parts, heat treatment must consider the cross-section effect and casting stress factors.
4) Titanium Pump Parts heat treatment, must be based on its structural characteristics of reasonable stacking, try to avoid casting deformation.