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Control Valve Industry In China Threshold Boats
Jun 13, 2016

In recent years, Chinese control valve valve industry entered a period of rapid development, has become Asia's largest valve machining centers, one of the world's largest valve market. But our valve products is not high level of per capita consumption in the world, now only US $ 22 per person. Power station valves, chemical valves, valve materials and the rise of valves used for food, indicating broad prospects and attractive markets.

Experts pointed out that agriculture in the production of a variety of agricultural greenhouse films, film, agricultural water-saving equipment such as valves ball valves valves pipe applications widely used in modern agriculture, rural pipeline valve applications are increasing, is the only animal Chin valve pipes for water demand is considerable. Urban construction of valve in pipe demand rose significantly. Automotive industry through the increasing number of manufacturing automobile parts valve, valves for power plants in developed countries with an average of over 10 billion, China power station valves used for an average of 7 billion. These have spurred the demand for butterfly valves industrial market. According to estimates, Shanghai valve products currently markets an annual shortfall of about 18 billion.