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Defect Repair Technology Of Titanium Pump Parts
Jul 24, 2017

Defect Repair Technology of Titanium Pump Parts
Titanium Pump Parts due to a variety of factors, often appear stomata, pinholes, slag, cracks, pits and other defects.
Commonly used repair equipment for the argon arc welding machine, resistance welding machine, cold welding machine. For the quality and appearance of the requirements of the Titanium Pump Parts defects can be used argon arc welding machine and other large heat, fast welding machine to repair. However, in the field of defective repair of precision Titanium Pump Parts, due to the impact of argon welding heat, repair will cause Titanium Pump Parts deformation, hardness reduction, trachoma, local annealing, cracking, pinholes, wear, scratch, undercut, or combined Force and internal stress damage and other secondary defects. Cold welding machine just to overcome the above shortcomings, the advantages of the main performance in the heat affected area is small, Titanium Pump Parts without preheating, room temperature cold welding repair, and thus no deformation, undercut and residual stress, will not produce local annealing, Metal parts of the pump parts. So cold welding machine for precision Titanium Pump Parts of the surface defects repair. The range of welding of cold welding is Φ1.5-Φ1.2mm, and the repairing efficiency is the only factor that restricts the wide range of defects. For large defects, recommend the traditional welding process and casting defect repair machine composite applications.
Titanium Pump Parts dressing includes cleaning the gate, riser, raise the meat, pull the ribs and cut the ribs, burrs, burrs and other metal residues and polished flat Titanium Pump Parts surface. Most of the Titanium Pump Parts still rely mainly on hand tools and wind, wind shovel, high-speed hand-held wheel, hanging wheel and other semi-mechanized tool operations. Shape is not too complicated Titanium Pump Parts are also used general punching machinery and sawing machine, when the Titanium Pump Parts are large batch of special machines or special production line to achieve automation operations. Most of the steel castings are cut with oxygen or pneumatic. Gas-electric cutting is the use of electrodes and Titanium Pump Parts to form the arc between the high temperature of the metal melting or oxidation, while high-pressure high-speed airflow to melt the melt to achieve the removal of titanium parts of the flash, burrs and protrusions method. This method is not only used to cut the riser can also be used to flatten the surface of the Titanium Pump Parts. But gas cutting has the drawbacks of producing arc, flue gas and noise.

Development Trends The foundry of the foundry is a place where the working conditions in the machinery manufacturing plant are poor, dust, smoke, noise and other pollution are concentrated. As the industrial countries on the increasingly stringent requirements of environmental protection, Titanium Pump Parts clean technology backward situation has attracted widespread attention. Since the 1970s with the promotion of resin sand application, dry sand has gradually replaced the trend of wet sand. Titanium Pump Parts to adjust to improve the traditional Qingzha equipment mechanization and automation aspects of development, and to achieve remote control robot and computer program control. At the same time to continue to improve the casting process and equipment to reduce the Titanium Pump Parts clean up the workload.