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Discussion On The Knowledge Of Expansion Joint Of Titanium Valve Parts
Aug 14, 2017

Discussion on the Knowledge of Expansion Joint of Titanium Valve Parts
Titanium Valve Parts are widely used in industry, such as cast iron in the free carbon to the ball shape of graphite-based existence, then this kind of cast iron called Titanium Valve Parts.
Titanium Valve Parts can be divided into ferrite Titanium Valve Parts, ferrite plus pearlitic Titanium Valve Parts, pearlite Titanium Valve Parts and bainite Titanium Valve Parts four categories.
Titanium Valve Parts of the main specifications are the following
(1) QT40-17.QT42-10. These two specifications are ferrite Titanium Valve Parts.
(2) QT50-5. This specification is ferrite plus pearlitic Titanium Valve Parts.
(3) QT60-2, QT70-2, QT80-2, these three specifications for the pearlite Titanium Valve Parts.
(4) QT120-1. This specification is bainite Titanium Valve Parts.
      Titanium Valve Parts expansion joints are also called cast iron expansion joints, valve expansion joints, pipeline expansion joints and so on. The product is also a pipeline connection of new products, its role is to expand the amount of large, easy to install. And can be in a certain range can be axially telescopic, but also in a certain angle to overcome the different axial direction of the pipeline docking offset, can greatly facilitate the installation and removal of the valve pipe in the pipeline allows the amount of freedom can be free Stretching, once over its maximum amount of expansion and contraction to play a limit to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.
Titanium Valve Parts of the main function of the expansion joints is to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline. The product has the following functions at work: compensates the axial, lateral and angular thermal deformation of the absorption pipe; absorbs the vibration of the equipment, reduces the influence of the equipment vibration on the pipeline; absorbs the deformation of the earthquake and the subsidence to the pipeline. Its role in the use of the process is mainly for a variety of water supply and drainage pipes, water towers, pumps, water meters, valves, installation and replacement provides a great convenience to the long-distance pipeline due to temperature difference stretching has played a very good regulatory role The
Titanium Valve Parts expansion joints also known as pipeline expansion joints, cast iron expansion joints, telescopic joints, compensation joints and so on. Expansion Joint Installation Notes:
1, Titanium Valve Parts expansion joints in the installation should be checked before the model, specifications and pipe configuration, must meet the design requirements.
2, the inner sleeve of the expansion of the sleeve should be noted that the direction of the inner sleeve and the media flow direction of the same, hinge-type expansion device hinge rotation plane should be consistent with the displacement of the plane.
3, Titanium Valve Parts the need for "cold" of the expansion device, pre-deformation of the auxiliary components used in the pipeline after the installation can be removed.
4, is strictly prohibited with the expansion of the expansion method to adjust the pipeline installation tolerance, so as not to affect the normal function of the expansion device to reduce the service life and increase the pipe system, equipment, support components of the load.
5, Titanium Valve Parts the installation process, does not allow the welding slag splash to the surface of the wave shell, does not allow the wave shell by other mechanical damage.
6, after the installation of the pipeline system should be removed as soon as possible on the wave expansion device for the installation and transportation of the yellow auxiliary positioning components and fasteners, according to the design requirements of the limit device transferred to the specified location, the system under the environmental conditions Full compensation capacity.
7, Titanium Valve Parts the expansion of all the activities of the components must not be stuck or restricted by the external activities of its activities, should ensure that the activities of the normal operation of the site.
8, Titanium Valve Parts water pressure test, should be equipped with the end of the expansion tube pipe sub-fixed pipe rack reinforcement, so that the pipeline does not move or turn. For the expansion of the gas medium and its connection pipe, pay attention to whether the need for additional water when the temporary support. Water pressure test water cleaning solution of 96 chloride ion content of not more than 25PPM.