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Factors Affecting The Quality Of Titanium Valve Parts And The Quality Inspection Standard For Titanium Valve Parts
Jun 27, 2017

Factors Affecting the Quality of Titanium Valve Parts and the Quality Inspection Standard for Titanium Valve Parts
The reasons for the quality of titanium parts parts: the titanium parts of the casting production is often due to the quality of raw materials, substandard, unreasonable process, production management is not perfect or improper operation and other reasons, so that casting inevitably produce some metallurgical defects and casting defects. These defects affect the appearance quality, intrinsic quality and casting performance of the castings.
   With the increase in the wall thickness of the titanium valve parts, the complexity of the shape and the degree of alloying in the steel are improved, and the effects of these defects on the process and mechanical properties of the castings become apparent, and even seriously affect the overall Quality, resulting in casting failure or scrap.
     Titanium valve parts quality testing standards: the use of laboratory chemical analysis technology, mechanical and physical properties of materials testing, metallographic macroscopic and microstructure and electronic optics metallographic test and analysis, as well as the casting process performance test and casting finished Non-destructive testing, can effectively test the cast steel in the smelting solidification process and subsequent processes (such as cutting, welding, heat treatment) in the process of a variety of macro and micro-organization defects, and show its topographical features, distribution And location, quantity, size and orientation.
    According to its chemical composition characteristics and the mechanical properties and process performance can determine the attributes of defects, the reasons for the formation of titanium parts and the impact of the quality of parts. In this way, the solidification regularity and characteristics of the casting can be studied in depth so as to improve the severity of the defects by improving the smelting, casting or casting, cleaning, heat treatment and other technical techniques or quality management measures to ensure the severity of the defects Quality, improve the titanium valve parts of the complex stress state, such as in high temperature, vibration, wear, corrosion and other operating conditions under different conditions. The contents of this chapter do not relate to the appearance quality of castings, such as surface roughness, surface defects, dimensional tolerances and the detection and control of the shape, weight deviation, etc., each of which has a corresponding national testing standard and detection method.
  Titanium valve parts of the material is one of the advantages of the design flexibility, the designer of the cast steel shape and size of the largest design freedom, especially the shape of complex and hollow cross-section parts, titanium valve parts can be used as a unique core Of the craft to make. Its shape and shape change is very easy, from the drawings to the finished product conversion speed is very fast, is conducive to rapid quotation response and shorten the delivery time. Shape and quality of the perfect design, the minimum stress concentration factor and the overall structure of the strongest and other characteristics, are reflected in the design of titanium valve parts flexibility and process advantages:
1) Titanium valve parts Metallurgical manufacturing adaptability and variability, you can choose a different chemical composition and organization control, adapted to a variety of different engineering requirements; through different heat treatment process in a larger range of mechanical properties and use Performance, and good welding performance and processing performance.
2) The isotropic nature of the cast steel and the overall structural strength of the titanium valve parts, thus improving the engineering reliability. Coupled with the weight reduction of the design and short delivery time, in terms of price and economy has a competitive advantage.
3) The weight of the titanium valve part can be varied over a wide range. The weight of small can be only a few dozen grams of precision casting casting, and large titanium valve parts up to the weight of trees, tons or even hundreds of tons.
Titanium Valve Parts Application: In the above titanium valve parts features almost all of the industrial sector need to use titanium valve parts