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Floating Titanium Ball Valves Structure Characters
Jun 13, 2016

Floating ball valves ball valves are mainly titanium, nickel ball valve, zirconium ball valve, special materials such as Hastelloy ball valve ball valve. Suitable for natural gas, oil, chemical, metallurgy, construction, environmental, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Titanium, nickel, zirconium, Hastelloy, monel, INCO nickel floating ball valve structure there are five main categories:

1. automatic pressure relief structure of titanium valves: when the pressure in the valve body cavity appears abnormal phenomena, cavity medium can rely on its own thrust in driving seat and automatic pressure relief, so as to guarantee the safety valve.

2. reliable of titanium ball valve stem seal: stem-mounted structure under the seal, seal sealing with medium pressure increases, it can ensure the reliable sealing of valve stem, and when an exception when the boost valve cartridge, mounted under the valve stem will not be blown out of the structure.

3. titanium ball valve fireproof structure: according to the operating conditions and customer requirements, titanium ball valves can be designed as a fireproof structure. Fire-resistant design of titanium ball valve in accordance with JB/T6899 and API607 standards, when fires once when burning titanium valve soft seal valve seat, titanium valve ball valve fireproof structure can prevent media mass leak, preventing the further expansion of the fire.

4. antistatic structure of titanium ball valve: when the operation of the valve, due to friction between ball in the valve seat, will produce electrostatic charge build-up on the sphere, in order to prevent static sparks, set on a titanium ball valves antistatic device, export the accumulated in the sphere of static charge.

5. titanium ball valve lock mechanism: manual ball valve fully open, close two-point position lockable structure design, to prevent faulty operation and unpredictable xiuxian registered vibration phenomenon of switching, the locking device design particularly suitable for flammable media such as oil and chemicals production lines and valves used in piping work outdoor.