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How To Change The Backward Situation Of China 's Sand Casting Industry
Aug 24, 2017

How to change the backward situation of China 's Sand Casting industry
To change China's Sand Casting industry and not strong backward situation, one is to set up Sand Casting enterprise access system, in the production scale, environmental protection and labor security and other aspects must be developed to meet the minimum conditions (ie access standards) To limit the new non-compliance of the Sand Casting enterprises, to promote the existing enterprises through the transformation of standards or re-combination of standards. Second, we must vigorously develop the professional production of Sand Casting, in a certain period of time, the use of tax and other preferential policies to continue to support professional Sand Casting enterprises to accelerate technological transformation and environmental governance. Third, it is necessary to encourage the backbone of Sand Casting enterprises and export leading enterprises through mergers or joint, formed a group of large Sand Casting enterprise groups, improve the level of technology and equipment to expand the scale of production to promote the entire industry level. Four is to develop a number of mold manufacturing, quality inspection, raw and auxiliary materials processing center, or in the Sand Casting enterprises are more concentrated areas, the establishment of a number of Sand Casting raw materials supply center and quality inspection center to help Sand Casting enterprises to improve product quality The
In the R & D innovation, we fell behind the industrialized countries. We produce castings, most of which are low-tech, low value-added products, with independent intellectual property rights, enjoy the international reputation of casting products is very few, the industrial production of some of the key technical requirements of high casting, but also rely on imports to solve. Only in the comprehensive aspects of the foot of our sand industry can gradually change this backward situation.
China Sand Casting industry should strengthen the two aspects of construction
First, the software, mainly China Sand Casting Association to give full play to their own as Sand Casting enterprises, government and the role of the link between the market, around the promotion of China casting exports, continue to actively organize Sand Casting enterprises to carry out various forms of international technology, Economic and trade exchanges at the same time, the current targeted to the Sand Casting enterprises to provide more intermediary services.
Second, the hardware, to expand a number of leading export enterprises casting. At present, China has a number of enterprises in the international casting market on a firm foothold, accumulated experience, but also tasted the sweetness. These enterprises can use the familiarity of the international market and technology, services and other advantages, to take the assets reorganization, commissioned processing and other means, more of a certain force in the small Sand Casting enterprises to organize, expand production capacity and increase exports. In addition, some in the open up the market has an advantage of foreign trade import and export enterprises, can also take a variety of ways to become the leading export enterprises casting.
 China's Sand Casting industry's technical level than the developed countries behind about 20 years, can not meet the needs of the rapid development of the national economy. Technical backwardness, outdated equipment, energy consumption and high consumption of raw materials, serious environmental pollution and poor operating conditions of workers and other issues, has become the industry consensus. China's Sand Casting industry's energy consumption accounted for 25% -30% of the total energy consumption of the machinery industry, the average energy utilization rate of 17%, energy consumption is about twice the sand developed countries. China's production of 1 ton of qualified cast iron pieces of energy consumption of 550-700 kilograms of standard coal, foreign 300-400 kilograms of standard coal, China's production of 1 ton of qualified steel casting energy consumption of 800-1000 kilograms of standard coal, 800 kg of standard coal. According to statistics, casting the production process of materials and energy investment accounted for about 55% -70% of output value. China's casting gross weight than the average of 10% -20% higher than the average, cast steel process production rate of an average of 55%, up to 70% abroad.
Therefore, we must accelerate the development of industrial recycling economy. Speed up the study and formulation of industrial circular economy to promote the development of guidance, and to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste. To promote the comprehensive utilization of tailings work to promote the establishment of tailings comprehensive utilization of technological innovation alliance and other industrial innovation mechanism to accelerate the common key technology research and development and industrialization; continue to promote red mud, industrial by-product gypsum, chemical alkali residue and other bulk industrial solid waste Comprehensive use of pilot demonstration. Third, to promote the development of renewable resources industry. To promote the development of renewable non-ferrous metals to promote the use of non-ferrous metals industry to promote the development of non-ferrous metals industry to promote energy conservation; , Technical policy; to carry out comprehensive utilization of renewable resources pilot demonstration project construction. Thus, only a special planning and management of Sand Casting industry, in order to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of China's Sand Casting industry.