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How To Choose And Maintain Casting
Aug 14, 2017

How to choose and maintain Casting
Casting selection and maintenance First, why choose casting In the construction, especially the construction of urban water supply pipeline network requires the use of pipeline products with high strength, high toughness, strong anti-corrosion ability and construction and installation of integrated costs Aspects of factors. From these angles, casting is undoubtedly the best choice, from the casting of the production process to the final construction and installation are in line with our requirements. Ductileur tube installation and construction in today's large metropolitan projects can be said that the industry experts are well known. Can even say that no matter how complex the project, choose casting as the main pipeline products is definitely a long-term cost-effective the most wise choice.
Second, the installation of Casting What is the installation of Casting include the following steps 1, site selection, from the soil quality, near the pipeline and other angles to select the ball tube installation route, and the formation of construction drawings, with particular attention to avoid some Corrosive unsafe installation route. 2, pipe laying, the need to use the process of excavators, hoisting machines and other large equipment, while 10 meters in length according to the experience of the ball tube for 2 to 3 workers on the line with the pipe laying. The apron is placed in the socket slot and compacted by hand. 3, to determine the distance from the pipeline, the main part of the main long pipe on the line cut off, and in accordance with the construction angle of the mouth into the groove shape, to facilitate the application. 4, body measurement, through the measurement of the body to determine the installation of radians, vacancies, such as the formation of the straight line pitch, angular distance, in order to achieve a stable avoid displacement. 5, positioning markings. The purpose of the marking line is to achieve, pipe, tube axis line with a wheel on the same straight line, this link is to ensure the installation of the quality and speed, to avoid the impact of pipe apron quality and progress. 6, pipe installation should be flat, between the pipe should be a straight line, in case of tilt angle, be careful. 7, will connect the pipe interface at the socket, if the insertion resistance is too large, do not force to insert, to prevent the rubber ring twisted. 8, pipeline installation and laying of the project is interrupted, the application of its cover will be closed to prevent the soil and other debris into the pipeline.
Third, the casting how to maintain and maintain the maintenance of the ball tube can be said to have been from its selection, the project started before we should use the necessary components, such as pipe pieces, aprons, elbows and so on a naked eye The appearance of inspection, to avoid the use of sick parts. The second maintenance focus is on the acceptance of working hours we should pay attention to the impact of long-term stable operation of the socket under the mouth of the tube (row), etc., to strive in these areas of the mouth is no debris. Aprons have been the North rubber hammer smashed real not twist twist, evenly stuck in the slot. Casting maintenance process, because the tube axis is deeply buried in the ground, so in case of tilt angle, be careful, if the resistance is too large, do not forcibly excavated to prevent the rubber ring distortion. Ductile tube maintenance in the winter also need to pay attention to hot water preheating to reduce the hardness, the rapid installation.
     Casting, referred to as ductile iron pipe, pouring prone to slag defects. This type of defect is divided into mechanical slag and slag slag slag. Which the former and the coating and the flow is not suitable for production requirements related to the latter and the ball heat treatment process. To prevent this measure:
Mechanical slag
1) strict control with coated paint strength, Casting viscosity and specific gravity, to control the scope of the provisions of the process, and must be a successful coating.
2) strictly control the processing quality of the nozzle used, Casting the nozzle of the paint export diameter, according to 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5.mm three sizes. Tubes larger than 2.5mm in diameter are not allowed.