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How To Improve Titanium Valve Parts Production Efficiency
Jul 12, 2017

How to Improve Titanium Valve Parts Production Efficiency
How to improve the Titanium Valve Parts product qualification rate and production efficiency, to avoid a large number of rework work, as the relevant manufacturing enterprises to face an urgent problem to be solved. The use of a number of high-performance indicators for the manufacture of Titanium Valve Parts products, the use of continuous improvement of zero, the accuracy of assembly and assembly accuracy, as well as the accuracy and stability of the method is to ensure and improve the precision Titanium Valve Parts of the product qualified rate of effective way. However, in view of the existing production conditions, the limitations of processing equipment and technical level, this approach will make the cost of production increased exponentially, unrealistic.
    It provides a reliable means for measuring the primary and secondary relationships, performance index prediction and geometric factor interval estimation of the influence of the multi-geometric factors on the performance of the Titanium Valve Parts. It provides a new means for the yield of titanium parts. At the same time, Methods play an important role in the application and development of engineering technology. It is of great significance for industrial production to explore the effective way to optimize the manufacturing requirements and improve the qualified rate and production efficiency of Titanium Valve Parts by means of modern calculation and analysis methods.
Electric knife gate valve is widely used in municipal and industrial and mining enterprises of the water supply and drainage system. Titanium Valve Parts by the electric device, the valve body, connecting accessories and control boxes and other components. Electric knife gate valve electric device is to achieve the valve program control, automatic control and remote control indispensable drive equipment.
Titanium Valve Parts are generally selected by the professional drainage, water supply and drainage professional and technical personnel in the design of the valve when the electrical device to the specific functional requirements, and by a professional manufacturer of electrical equipment selection. However, in the actual project often occurs in the field installation, the valve electric drive and control system conflict does not match the phenomenon. This is usually due to unreasonable or imperfections when determining the functional requirements of the motor.
Second, the composition of the valve electric device
The electric motor is generally composed of a special motor reduction mechanism for reducing the output speed of the motor; a stroke control mechanism for regulating and accurately controlling the opening and closing position of the valve; a torque limiting mechanism for adjusting the torque (or thrust ) And make it not exceed the predetermined value; manual, electric switching mechanism, manual or electric operation of the interlocking mechanism; opening indicator, to show the valve in the opening and closing of the location. Among them, the travel control mechanism, torque limiting mechanism, manual, electric switching mechanism and opening indicator, etc. collectively referred to as electric actuators.
Third, the electric device selection, to determine the functional requirements should pay attention to the main points
In the selection of electric devices, to determine the functional requirements, the need to pay attention to include the determination of the electric device IP protection level, the electric device power supply voltage, electric device 90 ° run time and electric actuator form.
In the selection of electric devices, first of all according to the working environment and the use of requirements to determine the electrical protection of the IP level. General water supply and drainage system Titanium Valve Parts drive device according to the different working environment can be divided into outdoor type, indoor type. Outdoor type Titanium Valve Parts drive device commonly used IP protection class is IP54 or IP55, indoor Titanium Valve Parts drive device commonly used IP protection class is IP43 or IP44. In general, the water supply and exhaust system of the valve electric drive device is not used diving type. The IP protection rating of the electric device shall be made and determined by the technical staff of the drainage and drainage.
2. Determine the power supply voltage of the motor
At present, domestic users commonly used power supply voltage 380V and 24V, should be based on the outside world can provide power conditions to determine.
3. Determine the 90 ° operating time of the motor