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Investment Casting Is A Kind Of Precision Casting Process
Jun 30, 2016

Precision casting is a precision modelling method to obtain the floorboard of the precision casting process

It mainly includes Investment casting,Ceramic mold casting,Metal mold casting, pressure casting, lost wax casting, etc.Let’s share what is investment casting


Investment casting is one of the more common type of all casting methods,Often also referred to as the lost wax casting,Lost wax casting method is mainly divided into two broad categories,Solid Mold method and the Ceramic Shell Mold method,the latter is the improved method to the former.Solid molding considered the Wax type condensing shrinkage.casting mould heating expansion amount,Condensing shrinkage of molten metal.then production the eventually similar mould casting size.put the melted wax in the  mold made of metal or silicon.Aster removed the wax type,Immersed in the micro powder, refractory materials and binder bubble and into the slurry.Untill it didn’t drop,Coarse refractories, and make it dry,in the casting box,Fill the mixed binder refractory materials,then dry.Then heating melt wax out, make molds,With high temperature heating mold, burning a small amount of residual wax and increase its strength, and then into the molten metal,Ceramic shell mould method with solid type until the wax production mode method is the same.Only in a moistening slurry and spray sand (or float sand).with no action of Surrounded the mould.But repeatedly moistening slurry spray sand,Until get the shell thickness,Drying, heating, melting wax Heating again pouring,This approach for the lost wax precision casting industry widely used,Because it has the following advantages:


1 .Better dimensional stability

2.usage is less of Fire-proof material

3.Light weight, easy handling, processing, production of large castings

4.Process can be partial automation to save manpower, increase production rate

5.Low production cost

6.With thin ceramic shell mold, high cooling rate after pouring castings and evenly, so its better mechanical properties