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Method For Preventing Common Casting Defects Of Titanium Pump Parts
Oct 16, 2017

Method for Preventing Common Casting Defects of Titanium Pump Parts
Titanium Pump Parts Common methods for preventing casting defects! Features: Paste the Titanium Pump Parts surface will have some cracks, the shape of the silk straight or curved shape. Crack split hot and cold crack two. Fracture cracks are mostly twists and turns and irregular shape, the fracture surface was light black, with a deeper oxidation color. Rupture cracks are straight, Titanium Pump Parts fracture surface with metallic luster and relatively clean, and sometimes a slight oxidation color.
Titanium Pump Parts The main cause of the crack is that the cooling is constrained to cause internal stress, and when the internal stress is greater than the strength of the metal material, the Titanium Pump Parts is cracked to crack.
Foundry Preventive Measures:
(1) strict control of the chemical composition of molten iron. (S) is preferably less than 0.12%, but it can not be too low (not less than 0.05%), too low to affect the sulfur The optimum w (S) was 0.05% ~ 0.12%. The high energy of the Titanium Pump Parts produces "cold brittleness", resulting in cold cracking, so the w (P) in gray cast iron is preferably less than 0.15% and w (P) in ductile iron is preferably less than 0.08%.
(2) to adjust the cooling rate of the various parts of the Titanium Pump Parts, to avoid the local overheating of the Titanium Pump Parts, Titanium Pump Parts in the thick section or hot section placed cold iron, the inner sprue proper dispersion, so that the various parts of the Titanium Pump Parts temperature Evenly.
(3) Titanium Pump Parts After pouring, do not start too early, do not use cold water pouring high temperature Titanium Pump Parts, the appropriate opening time is the type of Titanium Pump Parts temperature below 600 ℃.
(4) conditions permitting to change the structure of the Titanium Pump Parts to prevent the release of the Titanium Pump Parts. Such as the installation of ribs, two cross-section from the right angle into a rounded corners to reduce stress concentration.
 Titanium Pump Parts Titanium Pump Parts, a nodular made of magnesium alloy, which is formed on the basis of the temperature and the amount of carbon, etc., is the ductile iron Titanium Pump Parts, ductile iron Titanium Pump Parts With the increasing need for social production, it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical and other fields, then we continue to understand the professional knowledge.
1.1.1 The factors that affect the quality of ductile iron to strengthen control
The organization and performance of ductile iron depends on the composition and crystallization conditions of cast iron and the quality of the nodularizer used. It is believed that in order to ensure the mechanical properties of ductile iron, the specific wall thickness, pouring temperature, The treatment process, the optimization of the cooling parameters and the effective slagging measures are strictly controlled, and the appropriate reduction of the carbon equivalent, alloying and heat treatment is an effective measure to improve the ductile iron.
1.1.2 Effective control of ferrous ductile iron and ductile ductile iron production [2]
The main factors controlling the ductile iron are Titanium Pump Parts cast iron components, the use of nodularizing agents, the type of inoculant, the addition method and cooling conditions.
Component Control of As - Cast Ferrite Ductile Iron
Titanium pump Parts slightly hypereutectic composition, which is slightly higher carbon, but does not appear graphite floating, silicon is slightly lower, the amount of inoculant silicon should be less than 3%, the lower the better manganese, should be Mn <0.04% Phosphorus should be low, so that S ≤ 0.02%, P ≤ 0.02%, because silicon can improve the ductile iron and the corresponding plastic, Si = 3.0 ~ 3.5% can get all the ferrite structure. It has been pointed out that Si = 2.6 ~ 2.8%, the cast iron has the highest elongation and impact toughness, but the microscopic segregation of silicon in iron with the increase in phosphorus content, the more serious segregation, and mechanical properties Adverse effects, especially when the temperature is less than zero when the impact of greater, and Titanium Pump Parts sulfur low can use low magnesium low rare earth spheroidizer spheroidization, and reduce the "dark spots" defects, and "dark spots" Is magnesium, cerium sulfide and oxide aggregates, in addition to the use of low-silicon nodularizer to ensure that can be carried out several times.