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Performance Characteristics Of Titanium Pump Parts
Aug 24, 2017

Performance characteristics of Titanium Pump Parts
    American Metal Society Titanium Pump Parts Jury According to the carbon content of the discussion of the Titanium Pump Parts are divided into four groups. (A) low carbon Titanium Pump Parts with less than 0.2% carbon content, (b) medium carbon steel Titanium Pump Parts with carbon content of 0.2-0.5%, (c) high carbon steel with carbon content of 0.5% or more Titanium Pump Parts, (d) low alloy steel Titanium Pump Parts are limited to the total alloy content of less than 8% of the various grades of Titanium Pump Parts. At present, China's Titanium Pump Parts have surpassed the United States to become the world's first, the output is large, but the lower value of Titanium Pump Parts, while the United States and other developed countries to use high-tech to increase the added value of titanium parts. US Titanium Pump Parts have two major performance characteristics: engineering performance and physical properties.
    Engineering performance:
    Wear resistance of Titanium Pump Parts wear resistance similar to the composition and shape of forged steel.
    Corrosion resistance The corrosion resistance of Titanium Pump Parts is similar to that of forged steel. The corrosion resistance data of the forged carbon steel and low alloy steels in various states have been published for Titanium Pump Parts.
    Heat resistance When the temperature is higher than 480-540 ℃, carbon steel and low alloy steel oxidation, the formation of the scale can not protect the oxide below the metal is not further oxidation. If these steels are long over such a high temperature, they will gradually become oxides. In order to effectively combat the oxidation at high temperatures, high alloy steel must be used.
    Welding performance Titanium Pump Parts welding performance and the same composition of the forged steel is similar to the consideration of welding Titanium Pump Parts and forged steel parts of the same.
    Machinability Extensive turning and drilling tests on Titanium Pump Parts have shown that there is no significant difference in machinability between steels and titanium due to strength, hardness and microstructure. There is no significant difference in the machinability between pump parts.
     Physical properties:
     The physical properties of Titanium Pump Parts are generally similar to those of forged steel.
     The volume change of the volume change from solidus to room temperature varies between 6.9-7.4, and the alloying element has no significant effect on this shrinkage. Just after solidification of the metal, the strength is very low. The stiffness of the mold makes the shape of the Titanium Pump Parts well adapted to this shrinkage, to successfully produce Titanium Pump Parts. Due to shrinkage reasons, to produce qualified Titanium Pump Parts, many Titanium Pump Parts design requires a lot of research.
     Density The density of Titanium Pump Parts is very sensitive to changes in composition, structure and temperature. The density of the Titanium Pump Parts is also affected by the size or quality of the section.
     The elastic modulus composition and structure of the change, at room temperature to determine the carbon steel and low alloy steel elastic constants only a small impact. The increase in temperature has a significant effect on the modulus of elasticity and rigidity.
     In the developed countries, more and more foundry industry began to continue to high-tech production, and continuously improve the value of Titanium Pump Parts products, and China needs from the casting power to cast a strong power, the need to continue to strengthen the foundry industry, basic research and applied research , Must overcome the real energy, resources, talent bottlenecks and environmental problems. Seize the opportunity to enhance the quality of Titanium Pump Parts.