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Sand Casting Equipment Market Competitiveness Of The Outstanding Performance
Aug 04, 2017

Sand Casting equipment market competitiveness of the outstanding performance
In a reasonable way to speed up the quality of Sand Casting equipment to enhance the premise of the production efficiency of enterprises to enhance and enhance the development of the actual development capability, combined with the use of products and the ability to dominate, to fully enhance the quality advantage, improve its value The strength of the performance process to the ability to use a reliable product to enhance its value advantage to enhance the role of reliable products to enhance the use of its overall level of play, the use of its quality strength continues to advance to further accelerate its product performance development of.
Sand Casting equipment products in the market competitiveness of the strong, through the practical performance of the product has been further improved in the realization of its products to take advantage of the advantages of reasonable driving, to the value of the product to use the effect of improving the performance of its products Play to the use of reliable product performance, and constantly enhance its practical advantages of the overall upgrade to fully promote the product strength, enhance its practical value of a reasonable upgrade, which reflects the performance advantages of the product.
In the use of Sand Casting equipment to enhance the quality of use, to high-quality products to enhance its overall use of the strength of the play, combined with the advantages of its product value of the embodiment of reliable product utilization, and further promote the strength of its products , Improve the overall advantages of its continuous development.
As we all know, Sand Casting is a modern machinery manufacturing industry, one of the basic process, so the development of Sand Casting industry marks a country's production strength.
China has become one of the world's largest foundry machinery in the Sand Casting machinery manufacturing industry in recent years has made great achievements: "15", "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Sand Casting machinery industry, the average annual economic growth in the average More than 30%, higher than the machine tool industry average growth level, especially profit growth faster, average annual profit growth of up to 46%, while also maintaining a high level of market sales.
In addition, the resin Sand Casting complete sets of equipment, can basically meet the domestic market demand, changed the past mainly rely on imports of the situation; has been able to produce a higher level of automatic Sand Casting production line, to partially replace the level of imports, part of the solution to the car engine Cylinder, cylinder head and other Sand Casting blanks have to import the situation; high-level automatic core machine, automatic Sand Casting machine, automatic sand processing machine, large-scale automatic die-Sand Casting machine and Sand Casting equipment, Sand Casting machinery, the country can basically manufacture The It should be said that during the 10th Five-Year Plan period, the product level of the Sand Casting machinery industry has been greatly improved, which will lay a good foundation for the further development of China's foundry machinery industry.
At this stage of Sand Casting technology development of the four goals
In order to meet the needs of China's economic construction, but also for the Sand Casting technology industry's own existence and development of China's Sand Casting technology industry should improve the quality and economic benefits of Sand Casting as the center, for domestic and international markets; strengthen management, lay the foundation, Improve the quality of enterprises; adjust the Sand Casting industry structure, rational allocation of resources, to promote appropriate scale of operation; continue to apply advanced production technology and technical equipment transformation Sand Casting technology industry, to achieve cleaner production, to ensure sustainable development. At present, the development of Sand Casting technology in industrialized countries in the world is roughly four goals, namely:
1. To improve the quality and reliability of Sand Casting, the production of high quality near the final Sand Castings;
2. shorten the delivery time;
3. Protect the environment, reduce and eliminate pollution;
4. Reduce production costs.
Sand Casting processing steel size accuracy, the general linear tolerance of 1%, angle tolerance: ± 1/2 degrees, surface finish up to Ra 1.6-3.2, can save material and machining costs. Can produce complex parts of the shape, or a number of parts into one, eliminating the need for combination or welding work. You can cast in the product surface exquisite text or LOGO patterns, improve product image. Sand Casting materials, a wide range of performance, heat, wear, corrosion resistance, material hardness up to HRC15-60, to meet the needs of various conditions. Sand Casting production batch. Flexible, from small to high-volume production can be, high efficiency, good repeatability; mold costs low, early investment in product development less.
Large-sized Sand Casting is the main bearing parts and supports in the major technical equipment. The Sand Castings are large in size and complicated in shape. The thickness of the Sand Castings is often in the high temperature and high pressure working condition, and its performance and quality requirements are very strict. High temperature performance requirements more stringent.
Sand Casting should be used after heat treatment. Because of the existence of stomata, cracks, shrinkage and shrinkage, coarse grain, uneven structure and residual internal stress, etc., the Sand Casting strength, especially the plasticity and toughness are greatly reduced.