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Technical Characteristics Of Casting
Aug 04, 2017

Technical Characteristics of Casting
       Due to the fact that no binder dry sand is often collapsed during the Casting process, inspired by today's Casting in many places also use a vacuum approach to fix the sand. Therefore, nearly 20 years Casting technology in the world has been rapid development.
High precision Casting
       Cast Casting is a near-margin, precise molding of the new process, the process without mold, no sub-surface, no sand core, so the Casting without flash, burr and draft angle, and reduce the core Resulting in dimensional errors. Casting surface roughness up to Ra3.2 to 12.5μm; Casting dimensional accuracy of up to CT7 to 9; processing margin of up to 1.5 to 2mm, can greatly reduce the cost of machining, compared with the traditional sand Casting method can be reduced by 40 % To 50% of the machining time.
Design flexibility
       For the Casting structure design provides a full degree of freedom. A highly complex cast can be cast by a combination of foam molds.
No traditional Casting in the sand core
       So there will not be the traditional sand Casting due to sand core size is not allowed or the lower core position is not accurate caused by Casting wall thickness uneven.
Clean manufacturing
       There is no chemical binder in the sand, and the foam is harmless to the environment at low temperature. The recovery rate of the old sand is more than 95%.
Reduce investment and production costs
       Reduce the weight of the Casting blank, mechanical processing margin is small.
Shortcomings and limitations
       Casting process and other Casting process, has its shortcomings and limitations, not all Castings are suitable for the use of Casting process to produce, to conduct a specific analysis. Mainly based on the following factors to consider whether the use of this process. 1. The greater the bulk batch of Castings, the more substantial the economic benefits. 2. Castable material of its applicability and poor order is roughly: gray cast iron - non-ferrous alloy - ordinary carbon steel - ductile iron - low carbon steel and alloy steel; through the necessary preparation to not make the process experiment, Debugging cycle is too long. 3. Casting the size of the main equipment to consider the use of the scope (such as vibration Taiwan, sand box). 4. Casting structure Casting structure more complex The more able to reflect the Casting process of the superiority and economic benefits, for the structure of a narrow cavity channel and the case of the use of Casting technology before the need for pre-experiment in order to put into production.
       Casting on the Casting industry has a great role in promoting, so we should give priority to the development of Castings to cast to promote the development of China's foundry industry development, the development of Castings need some way to adapt to industrial restructuring and low carbon economy development requirements, To achieve the scientific development of the Casting industry, the proposed focus on the following work:
       (1) to cultivate strategic emerging industries and modern manufacturing services, so as to adapt to the downstream industry's transition needs for China's equipment manufacturing industry to provide a stable and rapid development support for the establishment of modern foundry industry system to provide the basis.
       (2) the full construction of the Casting industry education and training network system. A variety of forms of school, and earnestly make Casting education and training work covering the whole industry.
       (3) to help enterprises effectively use the WTO and other international laws, to deal with anti-dumping and other trade disputes, for the international trade system in the right to speak.
       (4) adhere to the "go out, please come in", in the China Casting Industry Forum and the three sides of the three Casting industry on the basis of high-level forum, and further run the Asia Foundry High-level Forum and the founder of the BRIC Foundry high-level forum, Actively participate in the world Casting industry high - level forum.
       (5) Substantive participation in international standardization. And strive to submit to the International Organization for Standardization several draft international Casting standards led by our country during the second five years.
       (6) to carry out the national foundry industry credit rating evaluation.