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The Application Of Titanium In Bicycle
Jul 25, 2016

Titanium is a metal that surpasses all other materials used for bicycle frame production. Titanium is as hard as steel, but 45% lighter. It is only 60% heavier than aluminum, but two times stronger. Hence, a bicycle with a titanium frame maximizes durability, lightness, and comfort.

The Titanium Development Association calls titanium "the material of choice," and there are a lot of people in the bike industry who would agree. This, the fourth part of our metallurgy series, is about that mysterious and expensive metal, titanium. Its reputation within the industry is excellent: light weight, super strength and fatigue life, a magical ride ... and a heavy price tag, to boot. So let's find out what the physical characteristics are that give titanium such an enviable reputation.

Titanium is not as rare as you might guess - it's actually the fourth most abundant metallic element in the earth, after aluminum, magnesium and iron. In fact, there's a lot more titanium in the earth's crust than there is chromium or molybdenum, two of the essential ingredients that accompany the iron used for steel bike tubing.