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The Cleaning Of The Casting
Jul 24, 2017

The cleaning of the Casting
       Remove the Casting from the mold, remove the excess parts of the body and polish the inner and outer surfaces of the finishing Casting. The main work is to remove the core and core iron, remove the gate, riser, pull and raise the meat, remove the Casting sticky sand and surface foreign body, shovel grinding ribs, pockets and burrs and other protrusions, as well as grinding and finishing Casting surface and so on.
Casting cleaning methods are mechanical methods, physical methods and chemical methods 3 categories. Mechanical method is the use of a variety of manual and motor tools or different types of mechanical equipment produced by the pressure, impact, shear, grinding and other forces acting on the casting, in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The physical method is the use of arc, plasma, laser, ultrasonic and shock waves on the casting to clean up. Chemical method is the use of hydrofluoric acid dissolved silica and salt electrolysis, etc., to remove small and medium-sized Casting of sand; also use some of the metal under high temperature oxidation characteristics of oxidation cutting and gas cutting.
In addition to core and surface cleaning are divided into dry and wet two categories. Dry cleaning is the use of mechanical equipment to clean up the casting. The equipment used is simple, high production efficiency, the different types of Casting have greater adaptability and both in addition to the core can effectively clean the surface of the advantages. The disadvantage is that equipment is often dust flying, noise, pollution of the environment.
Wet cleaning no dust, but because of water as a medium, casting surface easy to rust. During the course of the operation, a large amount of sewage and a concrete sand are produced, which brings about the regeneration of sand and water and the treatment of sludge. Production commonly used in dry and wet cleaning are:
① drum clean up. The cast iron and the star iron into the circular drum, when the drum rotation, relying on Casting, star iron, waste sand between the impact of each other, the role of friction to remove the sand inside and outside the casting, polished casting surface, but also part of the removal of the flash glitch. This type of equipment for the clean shape is relatively simple, thick wall of small and medium-sized Casting.
② shot blasting clean up. The use of high-speed movement of steel balls, iron balls, abrasive flow of the impact force to remove the core, sticky sand, polished casting surface (see shot blasting machine). Q3110 type shot blasting roller. This equipment combines drum cleaning with shot blasting and is equipped with a corresponding dust removal system. In addition, the commonly used shot blasting equipment, there are shot blasting station and shot blasting room. Used for continuous production of shot blasting machine with chain plate shot blasting roller, continuous shot blasting station, hanging continuous production shot peening room. This kind of equipment operation and maintenance costs are higher.
③ hydraulic clear sand. The high pressure water through the pipeline from the gun nozzle to the Casting to be processed, relying on the kinetic energy and erosion of the water to remove the core and casting sticky sand. Hydraulic clear sand is usually provided by the steel and steel plate composed of open clean room, the bottom of the set rotary table, spray gun installed in the side wall, can move up and down, can make high pressure water flow to the bottom of the casting in addition to any part of the bottom. Sometimes in order to improve the removal of Casting on the surface of the effectiveness of sand, in the appropriate location of the gun into the quartz sand and other abrasive to obtain high-speed water sand flow. Generally called this method for the sand sand sand.
④ water explosion sand. China in the 20th century, 60 years developed a clear sand method. After the casting is cast, the casting is cooled to the specified temperature, and it is immediately immersed in the pool. The water penetrates into the mold through all the cracks and explodes with the high temperature metal. The shock wave can basically remove the sand attached to the inside and outside of the casting. Water explosion sand method has the advantages of short operating time and high efficiency, and it has been widely used in steel Casting in China. Generally used to deal with the carbon content of 0.35% below the shape of a simple steel Casting.
⑤ electro-hydraulic sand. The use of special electrodes in the water discharge, resulting in a shock wave to clear the sand of a wet operation. This method is easy to control, high efficiency, low energy consumption. But the operation of the larger noise, resulting in nitric oxide and ozone, X-ray electromagnetic radiation, protective investment is higher.