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The Correct Operation Of The Valve Directly Affect Its Service Life And Safety Equipment
Jun 13, 2016

Prevent staggered valve leakage, fault clearance, opening and drain off. Operators to be familiar with all the valves function and location in the process pipeline, to prevent wrong operation, it may cause accidents such as running, mixing, hold pressure. If a refinery, steam blowing in the pre-construction, a vent valve leakage after blowing shut, as a result, when the work began in 370 ℃ high temperature slurry discharged from the vent valve, causing fires, the introduction unit shutdown.

Below 0 ℃ temperature season to freeze the unused valve, open end of valve plug, release the condensation water inside. Working on high temperature valves, when the temperature rises to more than 200 ℃, heat elongation of bolts, easy to make the valve seal is not strict, bolts should be as needed "hot tight", hot tight, should not be in the fully closed position of the valve. Avoid stem top dead, then open difficult.

Valve leakage, should identify the location and cause leakage, general internal leakage and leakage are two external leakage by its external structure divided into packing leakage and valve cover, valve leakage and leakage in sealing surface or lining material, operators shall accurately, they can be resolved in time and maintenance that cannot be resolved in time.

The valve packing gland should not be too tight, to stem a flexible rotation, pressure tight increases stem friction, increasing the operating torque. Valve when working under normal circumstances can't just replace or add packing under pressure, or cause a media leak is dangerous.