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The Main Application Of Titanium Pump Parts
Aug 04, 2017

The main application of Titanium Pump Parts
   Titanium Pump Parts casting technology advantages of the more and more obvious, many small and medium enterprises have been put into operation. In particular, in recent years, Titanium Pump Parts casting enterprises springing up, from the Titanium Pump Parts casting equipment manufacturers can clearly understand the needs of this order.
       But there are a lot of Titanium Pump Parts casting enterprises put into operation soon after dismount. The reason is that many enterprises on the Titanium Pump Parts casting process is not in-depth understanding of the beginning of the Titanium Pump Parts casting process is very simple, did not fully estimate its regularity and complexity, hastily launched, the results encountered in the actual production Unexpected problems, and no psychological preparation, the problem of helpless, and hurriedly dismount. The result is a waste of time, money and energy, but also lost the market, more harm than good. In fact, Titanium Pump Parts casting is a systematic project, theoretically can be used to produce all kinds of Titanium Pump Parts, and in the laboratory has made a wide range of success. However, due to China's Titanium Pump Parts casting model materials commonly used in packaging foam polystyrene (EPS), and special coating technology has not yet formed a technological advantage, coupled with dry sand vibration technology and Titanium Pump Parts casting process is not mature, resulting in Many of the first enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises for these understanding is not in-depth, so there will be a herd and then coax the passive situation. Experts said that the domestic casting industry need to continue efforts to better development in the future.
 In recent years, Titanium Pump Parts casting in the country's rapid development, development results are gratifying. Kunming, Yunnan, China Hongjin Long Foundry Machinery Factory in all aspects are more advanced, the plant's products have been exported to Malaysia and other neighboring countries. In addition, Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other institutions of higher learning for the Titanium Pump Parts casting industry has made a valuable contribution to the development. Equipment R & D and manufacturing level is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
       (1) the development of white area equipment: pre-engine has a greater improvement and improvement, whether it is the design of the shape of the structure or the expansion of the principle of improvement and testing methods have done a lot of work. Foam machine performance has been greatly provided, basically can meet the requirements. Mold machine also has some improvements, with the improvement of the level of automation and the application of the domestic mold, the domestic molding machine automation level has also been significantly improved, the production efficiency of the mold and the labor intensity of the workers have Greater improvement and improvement. But in the filling method of energy distribution and other aspects still need to be further improved and improved. Gluing machine has also done some work, but the complex mold blade level and ability to be improved and improved. The level of mechanization of paint is low, the detection means is not perfect, the paint ministry site dirty, chaotic, poor situation is not significantly improved; lack of paint recycling equipment and devices. At present, some domestic enterprises also use stainless steel high and low speed mixing container combined kawasaki manipulator on the complex mold coating, but do not understand the performance of the paint, did not design a reasonable precision fixture, and because the robot trajectory to unreasonable, The mold itself is not a good grasp of the structure of the case of the use of robots to penetrate the mold caused by the expansion of the mold in the expansion of the mold deformation, uneven surface coating adhesion, cavity whitening phenomenon and other issues.
       (2) the development of black area equipment: vibration Taiwan has a greater improvement and breakthrough, whether it is the principle of vibration or control means have been significantly improved, basically close to the design of foreign advanced equipment, but in the details and Control there are still some gaps. Titanium Pump Parts design and manufacturing capabilities have also been greatly improved and improved, do not need to consider too much under the premise of the pit, has been able to meet the molding line of sand cooling treatment requirements. Rain and sand, vibration and other equipment design and manufacturing capacity has been significantly improved. Automation design and implementation capabilities have been greatly improved. Automated casting machine design and manufacturing level has been close to the advanced level of foreign countries. The entire design line of the design concept of a larger change, wiring is more reasonable, more reliable operation.

       (3) the level of development of technology: the level of technology is mainly reflected in the engine block, cylinder head titanium parts of the batch production process and difficult to wear, heat-resistant titanium parts of the production process.