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The Present Situation And Future Trend Of Sand Casting Industry
Sep 06, 2017

The Present Situation and Future Trend of Sand Casting Industry
On the basis of pointing out the present situation of China's Sand Casting industry, the opportunities faced by China's Sand Casting industry are facing a great turning point and challenge. Expounded the development trend of China Sand Casting industry and the latest information technology research and development direction. China Sand Casting industry development status and future trends were analyzed.
Since the reform and opening up, the development of Sand Casting industry has a great change, including the technical level, quality, service and so on.China's Sand Casting quality has improved significantly, mainly in the Sand Casting production process (Geometric accuracy, dimensional accuracy), surface roughness ra, mechanical properties, etc. reached the international level. Sand Casting enterprises already have the ability in China and foreign exhibitions In addition, China's Sand Casting technology has been greatly improved, and foreign countries have been able to compete with the developed countries since the reform and opening up, many companies have used Sand Casting technology, while the development of Sand Casting technology, And now has begun to CNC, automation, intelligent, mechanized the direction of the original handmade sand and sand to occupy the majority of the situation is slowly disappearing.Many of the Sand Casting enterprises are beginning to use intelligent machine induction furnace and cupola , The induction of electric furnace double process. These several advanced equipment, technology, technology means to enable our country to produce and produce better quality, higher precision Sand Casting. At present, China's production of the most Large ductile iron machine about 146 tons; the largest cast steel for more than 520 tons, China now has more than 100 companies can have the ability to produce a single weight of 30 tons and more sand cast. China's Sand Casting industry has undergone enormous changes A large number of high - tech, high - quality Sand Casting enterprises have emerged.
 According to the statistics on the import and export of sand, the total export volume of various types of Sand Casting in China is 2 million tons in 2014. In 2013, China's various Sand Casting export volume was 1.78 million tons. An increase of 12%; total exports of Sand Casting in China totaled US $ 3.1 billion in 2014. The total amount of China's Sand Casting exports totaled US $ 2.9 billion in 2013. The following table will show China's Sand Casting production from 2005 to 2007 And the export situation table, and the figure is only a simple Sand Casting exports, not including in the processing, assembly of Sand Casting. China's auto parts (including Sand Casting) export situation is very gratifying, according to statistics, The average growth rate is about 70% more.
The number of Sand Casting imports accounted for less than 1.7% of China's Sand Casting volume, a very small number of Sand Casting due to technical problems such as the need for imports, such as aircraft engine high temperature blades and nuclear power equipment in some Sand Casting. Such as large-scale hydropower equipment, such as wheel casting, etc. Some Sand Casting in China has been able to manufacture and production, do not need to rely on imports.
Although China's Sand Casting industry, although the current trend is very good, but compared with the developed countries we still have a big gap between the domestic technical level, process means compared with them there is still a certain gap. Our products export volume is small, economic development will have some obstacles.In addition, the modern industry, backward technology, equipment, energy consumption and high consumption of raw materials, there are serious environmental pollution and workers operating environment and other issues Will seriously affect the development of Sand Casting industry, affecting the national economy.
In China's Sand Casting production needs if the energy consumption is 1kg, and in the developed countries like the same Sand Casting only 0.5kg. So, our national energy consumption is very large. China's many Sand Casting business cupola furnace gas and other Sand Casting The process of waste heat has not been fully utilized, a lot of waste heat emissions to the air there are many small and medium enterprises, their production process is still lagging behind their lack of clean production equipment, in addition, the raw and auxiliary materials penetration rate is not High emissions of pollutants are not even equipped with effective end-of-the-line measures. Their factories are discharged from waste, slag, causing air pollutants, water pollution, and pollutants in the atmosphere and water are seriously exceeded. Into the sewer, and some enterprises even with asbestos furnace (bag) lining, paint slag and other hazardous waste is not required according to regulatory requirements for the treatment of emissions to the sewer.