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The Titanium Pump Parts Industry Is Growing Rapidly In Anti-dumping Response
Jul 04, 2017

The Titanium Pump Parts industry is growing rapidly in anti-dumping response

Anti-dumping for Chinese enterprises have always been a challenge, but in the production of Titanium Pump Parts covers 22 Chinese companies have in the seven years of anti-dumping response to Europe, ultimately successful relaunch last month the European commission published on September 2, titanium pump, according to the final announcement on the sunset anti-dumping review of parts should be the case, the prosecution to the case of China related businesses here end of up to 47.8% of anti-dumping duties.

Kam agent the case damage to the east of the city law firm lawyers told this newspaper that China mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce and enterprise work side all the time, many times to attend the hearing, Titanium Pump Parts and consult with a lawyer to find the most beneficial to Chinese enterprise solutions. The management level, profitability and the level of trade friction should be improved rapidly.

The eu formally put on record at the end of April, 2004, in July 2005, 47.8% of anti-dumping duties, ruling price undertakings given at the beginning of 2006, beginning in July 2010 5-year sunset review, until finally succeeded last month end anti-dumping duties, Titanium Pump Parts this success is due to the parties in many responding methods of reasonable choice.

On 9 June 2005, the European commission issued the final disclosure. But in the final disclosure, the European commission concluded that the eu industry's damage was not obvious and concluded that there was a "threat of damage" from China's imports. But after a week, Titanium Pump Parts but this conclusion in the original evidence without any change by the European commission changed to "material injury", and in July as much as 47.8% of anti-dumping duties on Chinese companies.

"As a rule, the eu must be particularly cautious when it comes to imposing anti-dumping duties on me under the" threat of injury ". To the east said.

The eu's mistake was a breach of defence. Titanium Pump Parts The case of the price undertaking, it is to point to in both parties after consultation, China promised to improve export price of the imported Titanium Pump Parts, to temporarily suspend the eu's trade remedy measures, mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce is responsible for supervision over export price of the companies involved in the.

Companies that have not breached the agreement have suffered from a series of price-commitment agreements. At that time, the resumption of the anti-dumping duty imposed 22 prices promised that the enterprises could not export, and the production and operation of the company came to a halt.

At this point, the five years of the anti-dumping case will expire on July 30, 2010, and seven companies in the European Union have filed a sunset review to maintain the anti-dumping measures in the case. To this end, the chamber of commerce has held many industry conferences, choosing to implement the industry sunset review response, the enterprise application for provisional review and the new price commitment "multiple leg walks".

The lawyers decided to prepare for a new price commitment through a local interim review. Titanium Pump Parts In the absence of any precedent for a new price commitment to replace a breached original price, the Chinese side proposes to limit the default by the form of a price pledge.

In January to February this year, the chamber submitted an industry report to the European Union, stating that the current state of China's Titanium Pump Parts industry and the possibility that national industrial policies would not be dumped in the eu.

In June 2011, the eu industry had to withdraw its complaint because it could not prove the damage. Titanium Pump Parts On September 3, the European Union announced the lifting of the anti-dumping measures, which ended in a full victory for Chinese companies.

"It is a creation that the Chinese industry takes advantage of the new commitment to propose a response to" the sun and the sun ". Eu antidumping expert fu donghui told the ft.

Rapid growth of industry

Industry insiders say that China's casting industry is a traditional industry, with nearly 1,000 enterprises exporting to the European Union at the beginning of the anti-dumping investigation, and the price is the means of competition. The disordered competition leads to a vicious circle. However, because the price commitment can raise the export price of the products that should be sued, this method objectively regulates the chaotic order of low price competition in the export market of Titanium Pump Parts and accelerates the industry shuffling.

On the other hand, in the anti-dumping litigation-responding, 22 related to enterprise to obtain the actual benefit, through the price undertaking guarantee to exports to the European Union at a higher price, makes many enterprises by the small business expansion of millions of assets with annual sales of hundreds of millions of big companies. They also have more money to spend on research and development, and many have become industry leaders.