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There Historic Stages Of The Application Of Titanium In USA
Jul 05, 2016

There historic stages of the application of titanium in USA


After 40 years in-depth study of titanium smelting, processing, and organization, performance and application, titanium industry got rapid development.At present, the metal drill has become the third metal rank only second to iron and aluminum.Titanium as a cutting-edge science and technology material and high functional material has strong vitality, is a kind of ideal structural material and corrosion resistance material, has been widely used in the military industry and civilian industry and other fields .

The development of titanium and its alloys  started earlier in China .Study began in 1954, 1954 list into the 12 years of science and technology development planning, realizing the industrialization of titanium sponge production since 1958, in 1960 began to small batch production of titanium, 1964 titanium processing industrial production was realized. In 1972,  a historic turning point in titanium application, change "military mainly" into "civil-military integration", later the production of titanium and its application go into the boom.With the development of titanium ,titanium alloy smelting and processing technology, the improve of the quality of titanium, for drill and titanium alloy in the field of the parties of the national economy opened up a broad prospect of popularization and application.From 1048, the United States realized the industrialization of the titanium sponge, only 40 years of history.

(1) 1948 to 1957: titanium industry in the United States has just been in set up stage, 8 t production of titanium sponge in 1948 , because of their poor quality, yield is low, limited the wide application of titanium, so all the production of titanium used in aviation industry.Early in 1950, the limitations of titanium application still didn't get change.

(2) 1958 to 1967 titanium industry in the United States have a larger development., according to information, about 4665 t production of titanium in 1961.However, with the development of titanium production and application, exposed the quality and performance is not stable, has affected the further use.To solve these technical problems, the United States established a special research institutions to solve the quality of titanium reliability, performance stability, formulate unified standard and the development of new technology, etc.It is promoted the application of titanium material in the aviation industry increase, also used in the chemical and other civilian industry.According to information, the titanium material production reached to 12717t in 1966, is 1.73 times than titanium production in 1911. during 1958-1958, the American civilian industry using titanium accounted for about 5%, accounting for about 7% in 1966.But most titanium is still applied in the military.

(3) since the 1970's,the United States titanium industry develop steadily, titanium application expanded year by year.Especially with the development of civilian industry, industry technology constantly updated, equipment toward large-scale, automation, continuous and serialized direction development, the application of titanium increases year by year.