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Titanium Bicycle Give You A Smooth Ride
Jul 08, 2016

Titanium bicycle give you a smooth ride

Titanium is one of the most safe environmental protection metal materials, titanium has stronger fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, its service life is longer than other metals, titanium has excellent strength and weight ratio and hardness weight ratio.Just because of it's a series of unique properties ,make it being an excellent material for bicycle frame, its high strength, low density, low elastic modulus, good fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, make titanium bicycle frame is not only very strong durable, and very portable.

Titanium bicycle frame material will not break, will not rust,  will not be corroded under any atmospheric environment.Use titanium bicycle frame,you do not need to do any paint processing,let it show its natural color, experience the  texture of extreme low-key luxurious.

Titanium has a built-in flexibility like steel, just the properties of titanium is more obvious.Therefore, it has a very slight elasticity, which means it can absorb the shock from the road, before it is sent to the driver.Therefore, there will be a very smooth ride  on the titanium bike.

Different from aluminium or carbon bike frame, titanium bicycle frame won't suddenly broken in the accident.This is because, it has a certain flexibility like steel.In fact, titanium is more  flexible than steel.

Due to the high value of titanium alloy material and special processing technology, making it difficult to popularize.But what it was given to the connotation of the bike is  irresistible every bicycle riders .Have it, you will be the noble in bicycle field, and can be indelible for ever.