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Titanium Casting Foundry
Jul 30, 2016

With investment casting, it is possible to cast parts with intricate shapes and thin walls into a near-net shape, meaning that the parts will not need expensive and difficult machining after the casting process.

Because of the metal’s highly reactive nature, the titanium investment casting is a great deal more intricate than the usual investment casting process, it requires high end technology and capital to make it come true,though titanium casting have develop several decades,there are still few companies around the world that produce titanium castings and titanium alloy castings.

Shenzhen Advanced Titanium Technology Co.,Ltd. is proud to be one of the minority casting foundries who can produce titanium casting. Precision investment casting method allow us cast complex design of titanium parts. And with comprehensive modern casting equipment and dedicate research of our R&D team consist of three doctoral members and several engineers, Advanced Titanium have great capacity to offer you the most competitive price.

If you would like to introduce your titanium design or titanium products come to market, no matter it is bicycle parts like dropouts, motorcycle parts like pedals, auto parts like compressor wheel in cold side, or titanium products for life like titanium multi tool, we’d love to be your partner and casting titanium parts for you.