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Titanium Pump Parts Use Points Of Attention
Jun 19, 2017

Titanium Pump Parts use points of attention
       Titanium Pump Parts Note: Calculate the material and cutting can be a good way to improve the utilization of raw materials, titanium parts to achieve one of the important parts of rough. Excessive raw materials not only cause rough waste, but also exacerbate mold cavity wear and energy loss. If you do not leave some margin, will increase the difficulty of a certain production process adjustment, increase the Titanium Pump Parts scrap rate.
       Titanium Pump Parts manufacturers In addition, the cutting end of the production quality of the process and forging quality has a great impact. The ultimate goal of heating is to reduce the modulus of forging and improve the plasticity of steel products. But the Titanium Pump Parts heating also brings a series of production problems, such as overheating, oxidation, decarbonization and burning. Accurate control of the beginning of forging and final forging temperature, the Titanium Pump Parts and performance have a great impact. Flame furnace heating with the production of low interest, wide applicability of the advantages, but the heating time is long, prone to oxidation and decarbonization, production conditions also need to constantly improve. The induction heating furnace has the characteristics of fast heating and less oxidation, but it is poor adaptability to the shape and material change of the blank. Forging forming is the result of external force, so the correct calculation of deformation force, select the Titanium Pump Parts production equipment, forging forging the basis of verification. The following are the same as the "
       Titanium Pump Parts of the long life so insulated flange, low pressure flange, insulated flange manufacturers design program should pay more attention to the details of the breakthrough, the use of clever design of the product so that its performance is constantly improved. Insulated flange, low-pressure flange, insulated flange manufacturers are also on the requirements of the buried steel pipe sealing performance and electrical corrosion protection works required by the electrical insulation properties of the pipe flange joints collectively.
       Titanium Pump Parts manufacturers it includes a pair of steel flanges, two flange insulation seals, flange fasteners and fasteners insulation parts and with two flanges have been welded with a pair of steel short tube The Insulation flange and insulation connector for the oil, chemical and other industries to produce products, it is simple structure, the use of safe, reliable, widely praised by users.
       Titanium Pump Parts of the insulation performance: because the flange material thermal conductivity is low, so it's good insulation. In industrial piping, the use of flange connections is very extensive. In the family, the pipe diameter is small, and is low pressure, can not see the flange even if in a boiler room or production site, full of flanged pipes and equipment.
        Titanium Pump Parts manufacturers in the mark when the mark must be in accordance with the nominal diameter, nominal pressure, sealing surface code, with the steel pipe series code (with rice pipe code-named "Series 2", with the British tube is not marked ) And the standard number of the order. Good corrosion resistance: In addition to a small number of hydrogenation agent, can withstand a variety of chemical medium corrosion, the flange has excellent acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, will not rust, Erosion, no breeding of bacteria, no electrochemical erosion.