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Titanium Tableware Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Big Secret
Sep 28, 2017

In daily life, used a lot of tableware, tableware in accordance with the classification is divided into Titanium Tableware, bone porcelain tableware, titanium utensils, etc., the former two are commonly used, the latter a lot of people will be unfamiliar, titanium dishes have advantages and disadvantages, small After being fully understood, the hotel is very helpful in the purchase of titanium utensils.
Titanium Tableware is a popular tableware, belonging to a kind of titanium utensils, mainly by the scientific porcelain tableware, titanium utensils and melamine utensils called, with non-toxic and tasteless, lightweight, beautiful, easy to age and other advantages! Titanium Tableware is widely used in fast food, children's food and high-end dining!
Titanium Tableware advantages Titanium Tableware safety and health, non-toxic and tasteless, the use of safety; effective defense of oil, acid, alkali and other solvents corrosive! Titanium Tableware temperature performance is very good, is between -20 ℃ ~ + 110 ℃ between the best performance.
In the Titanium Tableware, its weight is very light, slightly mild moderate sense of weight! The surface can be printed exquisite, bright format, coloring effect to ensure that the glossy tableware, not easy to produce stripping!
Titanium Tableware texture is very good, with the traditional Titanium Tableware can be comparable to the thermal conductivity is relatively low, even if consumers use it to eat high fever food, you can easily hold the Titanium Tableware and will not be hot!
Titanium Tableware shortcomings Titanium Tableware after a long period of heat, the impact of acid and alkali, will make it a layer of brown spots on the surface, seriously affect the beautiful!
Titanium Tableware Usage Precautions Do not use fire to grill, or close to the fire; Please avoid the impact of hot conditions or impose rapid changes in temperature, so as not to rupture; Do not give a strong impact, so as not to rupture or damage. Do not use damaged or broken edges. Do not place in a hot iron plate or soup pot.
With the continuous development of food contact materials, titanium utensils gradually onto our table, which belongs to the polymer, the monomer is formaldehyde and melamine. It is widely used in fast food and children's food and beverage industry, etc., but if used in high temperature, the removal of formaldehyde and melamine will pollute the food, and then harm the light, beautiful, low temperature, Human health. Usually these products will have a manual or printed on the bottom of the product with a clear use of temperature, for example, the product marked only for cold meals or salad, and some consumers are used to hold hot soup and other food, if long-term use , Will bring food safety problems.
To this end, inspection and quarantine departments to remind consumers: the purchase should be selected with a clear manual or label identification of the product, be sure to carefully read the instructions before use or check the label logo, and as required. In addition, the relevant production enterprises have to strictly production processes, all products are attached to the instructions or labels, and the use of temperature for special labeling.
In addition, Dong Jinshi also said that consumers usually always see the high-level, with bright side of the silver side of the Titanium Tableware, and in fact these gold side silver side is not gold in recent years, Titanium Tableware quickly into the homes of ordinary people, Become the people favorite tableware. Titanium Tableware with a lightweight, beautiful, low prices, not afraid of bumps and other characteristics. But recently, the reporter from the International Food Packaging Association released the "China Titanium Tableware industry survey report" found that the report pointed out that the market part of the Titanium Tableware (ie, Titanium Tableware) does not meet the requirements of the label, the quality of substandard, the use of illegal raw materials Phenomenon, look forward to cause people to pay attention. Reporters visited the major supermarkets in Yangcheng found that dish and other non-food grade urea-formaldehyde resin products and Titanium Tableware put together to sell, may make it clear that the public buy back mixed, and most people do not know the use of titanium utensils "taboo." To this end, the reporter asked some experts in the interview, so that experts teach you how to identify the Titanium Tableware good and bad.